The Washington Times - May 1, 2012, 12:27AM

Despite multiple requests for comment from The Washington Times and other media outlets, Twitter remained mum on Monday over whether or not conservative user’s accounts are being suspended through the “Block and Report Spam” function. A Twitter employee working on reinstating Chris Loesch’s account did appear to confirm that “coordinated blocks” were responsible for his suspension from the site, as Breitbart’s Dana Loesch reported

Mr. Chris Loesch was reinstated Monday afternoon and his account has remained active, partially due to deliberate monitoring by the social media site. He was advised, however, to lay low for the first few hours after being reestablished in order to help keep his account active. Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin additionally announced Monday that other conservative users identified by site Twitchy who had been similarly targeted and suspended by coordinated spam-flagging campaigns had seen their accounts reinstated. 


A week ago on Earth Day, Free Market America’s account was similarly suspended for no discernible reason. As outlined by The American Spectator, the organization had been circulating a video entitled “If I wanted America to fail” criticizing liberal environmental policies. It was also restored with no explanation from Twitter beyond the account having been “accidentally” caught in its spam filters. 

Twitter’s ongoing silence on whether conservatives are being silenced is not, perhaps, the best response for users wondering if all tweets receive equal treatment.

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Anneke E. Green is Assistant Editorial Page Editor for The Washington Times. She is on Twitter @AnnekeEGreen.