The Washington Times - May 2, 2012, 08:22PM

Occupy Wall Street protesters marched around New York City on Tuesday observing “May Day” and made a number of stops around Manhattan to voice their disapproval for banking institutions and media corporations. Protests occurred around midtown Manhattan where Bank of America, News Corporation, and Chase Manhattan were among locations occupy activists shouted and held their signs.


Occupy protesters started their day in Bryant Park and marched with New York union members downtown where rallies were held in Union Square and Washington Square Park. A final march with union organizers in their midst happened towards the late afternoon. All protesters marched down Broadway into the financial district. Speeches were made by a number of labor leaders on a stage. 

Some occupy activists felt the unions should have allowed individuals from their group to speak on stage at the end of the final march with labor and felt “steamrolled” by not only the New York City Police Department but also the unions. 


Occupy Wall Street protesters at 55 Water Street

At 9 PM, OWS protesters marched down to 55 Water Street, an area of New York’s financial district that also has a park atmosphere. The stadium arena seating area surrounds a Vietnam Veterans memorial. protesters gathered around the memorial and held a “Popular Assembly.” Realizing many new faces were part of the crowd, organizers explained OWS hand signals: twinkles up (approve), twinkles down (negative), mid-twinkles (maybe), pointing up (point of information).

One point of information that was explained was that the park closes at 10PM every night. A handful of police were already beginning to show up around the park. Some OWS protesters announced they would be defiant of the 10 PM curfew and not leave the park regardless of police enforcement of the law.

However, 10 PM came, and the majority of OWS protesters were herded out of the park. From there, Occupy protesters marched for one hour around the financial district. The NYPD made a number of arrests within one hour during that march.

By 11:15 PM protesters made their way to a more familiar place. They gathered at Zucotti Park, the area that was once their 24 hour protest site for two months. A number of OWS’ers were already there engaging in training sessions. These sessions consisted of protest action like creating human chains while falling down at the same time together.

Under the watchful eye of the NYPD from afar, OWS protesters discussed the importance of getting to know new faces in their group and believe the police are counting on inexperienced protesters to trip up OWS in the near future.


Occupy Wall Street protesters night march during May Day 2012