The Washington Times - May 20, 2012, 11:46AM

According to tweets from unidentified users, The Chicago Police Department’s website was just taken down by the International web hacking group Anonymous. While the site is down, the cause is still unconfirmed…developing.



Around 2500 Anti-NATO protesters took to the streets of downtown Chicago on Saturday and played constant game of cat and mouse with local police. Police and protesters periodically had skirmishes along during the march that went from noon until late into the evening. According to reports, 14 protesters were arrested throughout the day. One particular contentious moment between protesters and police happened during the late afternoon at Washington and State street (video below).


Chicago officials are reportedly expecting more protesters to arrive in their city today, as fifty world leaders (including President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama) arrive.

Watch the periodic live video stream of today’s NATO protest events below: