The Washington Times - November 30, 2012, 12:40PM

President Barack Obama was at a K’NEX manufacturing toy factory in the Philadelphia on Friday arguing for the Democratic tax plan. According to Yahoo News:

  Pushing his tax plan at a factory that makes K’NEX building toys, President Barack Obama warned lawmakers Friday that he was keeping his own “naughty and nice list.”

“Santa delivers everywhere. I’ve been keeping my own naughty and nice list for Washington,” the president told K’NEX employees. “So you should keep your eye on who gets some K’Nex this year. There are going to be some members of congress who get ‘em, and some who don’t.”

Also not getting K’NEX, but for a different reason: Vice President Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden was at Costco. He wanted to buy some of this stuff,” the president said. “But I told him he had too much work to do. I wasn’t going to have him building roller coasters all day long.”

Obama was at a K’NEX manufacturing facility in the Philadelphia suburbs. Workers there make 3,000 K’NEX pieces every minute, he said after a tour of the plant with a founder of the company, Joel Glickman.


Interestingly, as opposed to referring to the MSNBC slogan “Forward”, which he used during his presidential re-election campaign, Obama used the Fox News slogan “Fair and Balanced” instead. President Obama was also trying to appeal to Americans in Republican districts, as noted that in order for the Democratic plan to pass, they need Republican support in the House. 


1:40- “Let’s make sure that middle class taxes don’t go up. Let’s get that done in the next couple of weeks. Let’s also work together on a fair and balanced and responsible plan so that we are paying our bills. We are not spending on the things we don’t need, but we are still spending on other things that will make us grow,” said Obama.

He continued, “That’s the kind of fair and balanced plan that I talked about on the campaign and that’s what the majority of Americans believe in. So I’m hopeful, but I’m going to need folks like you, the people here in Hatfield, here in Pennsylvania and all across the country to get this done.”