The Washington Times - October 11, 2012, 01:06PM

Almost a month after the 2008 vice presidential debate between then Senator Joe Biden and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Newsweek ran a cover story photo of the Republican vice presidential nominee in her workout clothes. Newsweek commissioned the photo from Runners World, the magazine she posed for originally. Palin was not happy about the photo was used and she was summarily mocked for it anyway. 


Four years later Time Magazine ran photos of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan pumping iron on Thursday. These photos of Mr. Ryan, according to Politico, were taken in December of 2011 before he was tapped by Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to be his running mate: 

Commentators reacted with similar sourness to the photos of Ryan as they did to Palin’s four years prior. Gawker slammed Ryan saying:

I mean if you click through the photo essay literally every workout shot features Paul Ryan doing curls (even concentration curls, which are like “gee these regular curls were slightly too functional for me, can I get some curls that are made out of 100% ego rather than just 95% ego, please?”) and then the whole essay is like “Oooo, P90X is so great, I love Tony Horton, *jacks off*, blah blah blah, *wears spandex*.” I mean give America a break with this, for the love of Mike.

NY Magazine’s Dan Amira said:

 Is this any less silly than Dukakis in the tank or Kerry in the Woody Allen sperm suit? It’s like the mimbo from Seinfeld is running for vice-president. (“Hey, Biden, you better step off.”) And what’s happening in this one here? Ryan looks like he’s in a low-budget boy-band video. 

There are less than four weeks left and this is all critics have left to throw at the Romney Ryan ticket? The Big Bird strategy fell apart, so they’re left insulting photos of Congressman Ryan lifting weights—pathetic.