The Washington Times - October 30, 2012, 12:54PM

Congressman Bob Turner, New York Republican, lost his house in a massive fire triggered by Monday’s powerful storm. According to reports, about 100 homes have burned to the ground. According to Crain’s NY:

Amid reports of large-scale fires in Breezy Point, Queens, the house of a New York City congressman who represents the area is among the casualties.

A Washington spokesman for Rep. Bob Turner (R-Brooklyn/Queens) confirmed that Mr. Turner’s house has burned down as a result of a fire sparked by Monday’s storm.

The spokesman said that Mr. Turner and his wife had been in the house until sometime “later in the process” of the storm, but that they ultimately made it out safely.


Crain’s is also reporting New York’s Conservative Party chairman Mike Long’s house was burned to the ground. He and his family were reported to be safe and not at the Breezy Point home at the time of the fire :

Jessica Proud, who served as a spokeswoman for Mr. Turner’s campaigns, told the Insider in an email that Conservative Party chairman Mike Long’s house also burned down. Messrs. Long and Turner are neighbors in Breezy Point.

Long’s son works for the FDNY and saw what was left of the family home and told Crain’s, “The houses aren’t even burnt…They’re completely gone.”