The Washington Times - March 31, 2009, 03:00PM

Maybe I’m confused because I’m small-school and all, but…

    The Des Moines Register released an article this week with new stats on dropout rates across the nation and in Iowa.  Iowa is among the lowest in dropout rates in the country, but that’s not what I am confused about.
    Some lawmakers in Iowa, and across the nation, feel it would be best fiscally to consolidate our smaller, rural districts.
    Now, I am small- school, so bear with me, but in Iowa it is the larger districts that can’t seem to get it together and graduate the majority of their students. Our smaller schools also test as well, if not better on the Iowa Tests of Educational Development and do just as well in our state schools as their urban counterparts. We also send more kids on to some sort of secondary education.
    Hmm….. seems counterproductive to this small school intellect to toy with a system that seems to be working for the kids.

‘Cause that’s why we do this…. isn’t it? If not then I guess I’m really confused.