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Jesus in the Public Square

W. Scott Lamb

W. Scott Lamb

W. Scott Lamb is an author of biographies, literary agent and Baptist preacher. A native of St. Louis (go Cardinals!), he lives on a Tennessee hill outside of Nashville with his wife and six kids. Readers may email him at

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Luis Monge and Timothy McVeigh

Monge, McVeigh, and the morality of capital punishment

- The Washington Times

Press the "never capital punishment" thesis to its Timothy McVeigh or Luis Monge conclusion. Should these two men have been sentenced to live out the remainder of their natural life in prison? No, they should not have--and they didn't.

Louisiana State Representative Beryl Amedee

Once a homeschooling mom, now a Louisiana state representative

Sometimes, being involved could simply mean praying. We're all supposed to do that. Other times it means taking action like showing up at your local government meetings and speaking up. But other times it might mean jumping in and running for a particular office -- especially those offices where the decisions are made.

Roy Costner III and Roy Costner IV, of Pickens County, South Carolina

Like father, like son: The Costners on Christianity in public places

My son says, "You can't take God out of me if I go the school. So they can tell me all day long not to bring God to school, but I'm taking him with me." The same thing is true with me whenever I serve in public office. Everywhere I go, I've got God right there with me. And, as Governor Jindal said, "Christians need to wake up." We don't need to be the voices that are hiding in the closet. We need to be the guys that are sitting right out front telling the good news about Jesus Christ.

Gary Miller, pastor and author of the newly released book, "Talk Less. Pray More Through the Prayers of Jesus."

Gary Miller recommends we 'Talk Less! Pray More!'

- The Washington Times

Miller describes prayer: "The fundamental thing is that it's not eloquence. It's dependence. As a child runs to the father who he knows love him -- the child expects an audience. Prayer is running to God. It is getting over yourself and running to him."

Don Hinkle, editor of The Pathway, and a leader in public policy among Southern Baptists.

Missourians taking Jesus into the Public Square.

Hinkle said, "God created all of reality. It all belongs to him. Government is one of only three institutions that he ordained, and there is no way that you can make me believe that God doesn't intend for his children to be actively engaged in every facet of reality. Not for ourselves, but for our fellow citizens, so that they may prosper and live Godly, peaceful lives."

Screen shot from C-SPAN video of 1978 "Firing Line" debate over the Panama Canal Treaty. And book cover from Craig Shirley's recent release, Reagan Rising.

Reagan-Buckley debates of 1978, and the state of civil discourse

There are endless numbers of anecdotes or quotes that I highlighted for future use. But if you asked me for one specific story from the book that struck me, it would be Craig Shirley's account of the 1978 "Firing Line" debates over the Panama Canal Treaty --between Ronald Reagan/Pat Buchanan (against the treaty) and William Buckley/George Will (for the treaty). What keeps us from having this level of discourse today?

Raymond Cruz of Simi Valley, California, preaching to 350 former prisoners.

Issachar stories: Raymond Cruz, of Simi Valley, California

I'm beginning a new series of interviews with Christians who have worked to take "Jesus into the Public Square" by running for local elected office. Many of these people attended Issachar Training workshops -- campaign and election training sessions for Christian pastors who are considering a run for public office. I caught up with Simi Valley resident Raymond Cruz this week and talked to him about his involvement with campaigning for local office and his prison ministry too.

Megan LeGrand, center, and Lindsay LeGrand, right, pray as they stand with their grandfather, Rep. Phil Stephenson, R-Wharton, during the opening of the 85th Texas Legislative session at the Texas State Capitol, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Texas Toilet Seat Award for Legislators

David Lane directed readers to watch a video filmed this week by 100 Houston area pastors. The topic is the Texas Senate Bill 6 (SB6), otherwise known as a bathroom bill. Lane said that after he saw the video: "I wanted to throw my hat in the air and shout Hallelujah! Pastors are turning the corner, a new paradigm is being constructed in the public square to restore America to her Judeo-Christian heritage and re-establish a Biblical-based culture."

American Renewal Project wins Pollie Awards

- The Washington Times

Congratulations to my friends at the American Renewal Project, Victory Enterprises and Murphy Nasica & Associates for winning two Pollie Awards for their campaign work during the 2016 election cycle.

Image courtesy of Chad and Dana Connelly.

5 questions with congressional candidate Chad Connelly

Evangelical voters launched President Trump into the White House. Chad Connelly knows firsthand about the effort to organize the Christian voting bloc, as he began working for the Republican National Committee in 2013 as the Director of the Faith Engagement Initiative. In other words, "Jesus in the Public Square."