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Audio Clip: Matt Mackowiak with Gregg Keller

The story of what led to the resignation of Gov. Eric Greitens (R-MO) this week is one that will be studied for many years. That story is best told by Gregg Keller, a prominent Missouri-based GOP consultant has worked with many of his state’s top elected officials. Keller has a unique perspective because he has been at war with Greitens for over a year. It was a war he won – but at great cost. In this conversation, we discuss Greitens’ outsider status, how he got himself into this mess, what the legislature was doing to force his hand, how a judiciary ruling pushed him out, what the personal toll was for Keller and his family, and what the state’s future is. Then we looked at the U.S. Senate race in that state, which will be on the of top races in the country in 2018. Finally, we discussed how he thinks President Trump is doing and how the midterms are shaping up.