- The Washington Times - Monday, September 8, 2003

A division of the National Institutes of Health gave $263,038 in research grants to the Kinsey Institute during the past five years, congressional investigators have learned.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development disclosed its grants to the Kinsey Institute in a letter to Rep. Mark Souder, Indiana Republican and chairman of the Government Reform subcommittee on criminal justice, drug policy and human resources.

The Kinsey Institute’s founder, the late Alfred Kinsey, had been criticized for using information collected from child molesters in his famous “Kinsey Reports” on human sexuality.

“Kinsey and his associates, at the very least, encouraged the rape and molestation of children under the guise of ‘science,’” Mr. Souder said in a statement. “I would hope that an institute dedicated to child health would be primarily focused on protecting children from sexual abuse, a mission inconsistent in my opinion with providing support for any institution built upon Kinsey’s hideous legacy.”

Mr. Souder and other House Republicans repeatedly have criticized NIH-funded sex research in recent months:

• Last December, a $147,000 grant for a Northwestern University study of women’s sexual arousal was called “disgusting” by Rep. Dave Weldon, Florida Republican. Women were paid as much as $75 to “watch a series of commercially available film clips, some of which will be sexually explicit, while we monitor your body’s sexual arousal,” according to a flyer seeking volunteers for the study led by psychology professor J. Michael Bailey.

• In May, staff from Mr. Souder’s committee asked Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson to explain a $137,000 NICHD grant for a three-year study to “provide the most comprehensive picture to date of the sexual behavior of aging men.”

• In July, the House narrowly rejected an amendment by Rep. Patrick J. Toomey, Pennsylvania Republican, that would have blocked NIH funding for four sex research projects.

• The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s funding of a four-day July conference on sexual arousal at the Kinsey Institute — where Mr. Bailey was a featured speaker — prompted Rep. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, to remark: “If this conference needs funding, they ought to hit up [pornographer] Larry Flynt, not taxpayers.”

It was in response to Mr. Souder’s questions about the $26,000 grant for the sexual arousal conference that NICHD Director Dr. Duane Alexander wrote: “Over the last five years, the NICHD has provided $263,038 in support of research conducted under the auspices of the Kinsey Institute.”

Kinsey, an Indiana University professor who died in 1956, has been called “the father of the sexual revolution” for his famous 1948 book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” and its accompanying volume on female sexuality published in 1953. Among Kinsey’s findings were high levels of homosexuality and other behaviors previously thought to be rare.

The Kinsey Reports have been criticized for methodological flaws, including an unrepresentative sample that included hundreds of prison inmates. Those criticisms intensified after the admission by Kinsey Institute officials that the reports’ information about children’s sexual behavior was based on “research” by sex offenders.

Judith Reisman, author of two books on Kinsey, said the Kinsey Institute was continuing “its 55-year history of child exploitation by filching” NICHD money intended for children’s health research. Mrs. Reisman said Congress should “investigate Dr. Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute for crimes against children and conspiracy to defraud the state.”

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