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One of my greatest pleasures is causing the noggins of fuzzy-headed simpletons to spin ‘round and ‘round. It is the definition of efficiency, as it simply takes a statement of truth and logic to set them off. While socialists, commies and other political human debris proclaim to hate me because I’m the GE Minigun of common sense, what they truly hate are the basic truisms I project and live by daily.

America is a resilient country full of hard-core, rugged individuals who have risen to the occasion to respond to any number of assaults against our freedoms and way of life, including a Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, Janet Reno, surprise attacks by voodoo monsters, disco, earthquakes, massive floods and fires, presidential assassinations, the University of California at Berkeley, Jimmy Carter, the National Education Association, a gun-running attorney general, a tax-cheating secretary of the Treasury, brain-dead political correctness, and even President Obama’s first term in office.

What our nation may not be strong enough to survive is four more years of Mr. Obama and his Big Wrecking Crew government liberal jihad, which has wreaked havoc on all of America. Our major cities, run for decades by corrupt Democratic regimes, are broke, rusting wrecks full of unemployed scavengers.

The Democrats have set their sights on reducing the rest of America to the decrepitude of East St. Louis, Ill., and Detroit, Mich., hell-scapes of dependent hopelessness.

At his core, Mr. Obama believes in the power of government over the power of the free market and individuals making decisions in their own self-interest. The president dares to articulate the Republican talking points while his entrenched political programs, ideologies and policies always have been and always will be designed to create dependence on Fedzilla and transform America into something resembling the toilet-bowl nation of Cuba and every other socialist hell zone known to mankind. Insanity is personified.

America is tipping over a financial ledge of which I suspect many of those who voted for the president have no basic understanding or appreciation. All they are interested in is more free candy from Uncle Sugar Daddy.

Serious-minded Americans know our financial house is a disaster that makes Hurricane Sandy look like a kitchen faucet with a slow drip.

The producers of America know hard times require hard choices. Many of the producers don’t believe the president is willing to make the hard choices necessary to save the republic.

No, the president didn’t put us on this financial ledge by himself, but he sure didn’t do anything in his first term to pull us back. Truth is, the president nudged America even closer to the edge of falling off into the abyss of a Greece-like financial wasteland. Boogie on that chilling thought.

Get this: By the time the president’s second term is over, estimates are that America will be more than $20 trillion in debt. We are drowning in $16 trillion in debt, though unfunded entitlements put us at a staggering and suffocating $80 trillion in the hole. The denial curse of liberalism sure comes in handy when hiding from the truth, thereby accelerating disaster. Dopey is as dopey does. Toke on that, Bill Maher.

While I’m just a humble love-song composer and deer slayer, I’m smart enough to know we are not going to borrow and spend our way to prosperity while also increasing the gluttonous obesity tantrum of Fedzilla. Mouth-breathing Obama supporters, and obviously Mr. Obama himself, don’t understand this. They are comfortably dumb about basic economics.

The financial cliff we find ourselves on is in the long-term much more of a threat to America than voodoo rabid dogs shouting “Allahu Akbar!” as they kill Americans.

America has been sucker-punched in the past. The very real potential for a financial meltdown would be an even larger state of shock to America that will have a staggering, far-reaching, ultradestructive impact on America than any previous sucker-punch.

I killed another deer to feed hungry Americans and made empty-headed idiots angry. All is well.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

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