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The jury is not still out on whether or not young Ted was uppity beyond compare. My youthful energy level was measured in ballistic Richter-scale increments. The term “whirling dervish” was invented in an attempt to explain my indefatigable life’s velocity. I didn’t have ADD (attention deficit disorder) — I had GSFS, known in the Nugent household as gonzo sniper focus syndrome. Aim small, miss small was not a casual consideration, but a driving force in our quality-of-life obsession through a learned, disciplined higher level of awareness that is derived from gung-ho trigger time.

Can you say “bull’s-eye”?

Video games and smartphone electronics would not have competed then and cannot now with the joys of marksmanship fun in all its forms. My father, Warren Henry Nugent, was a hero-warrior drill sergeant in the U.S. Army cavalry during World War II, and he brought that maniacal disciplinarian charge home with him without missing a beat, straight into his parenting regimen. Dad didn’t tolerate any fooling around, especially with firearms.

Thank you, dad.

Every human being ever born is programmed to be fascinated by projectile management: rocks, marbles, spears, arrows, fastballs, Hail Mary 100-yard touchdown passes, grenades, Fat Man, Little Boy and ultimately, the hand-eye, trigger-finger, breath and sight control, spirit-harnessing perfection of superaccurate bullet placement.

There are only two kinds of people in this world: those of us who celebrate the thrills of marksmanship and those wishing they could.

Based on our driveway of spent brass, I would challenge any family alive to a shootout with my shoot-‘em-up tribe of gun nuts.

In a world strangled by the curse of politically correct denial, dopey liberals in media and academia have brainwashed a strange subspecies of beings into accepting and embracing the pathetic condition of being unarmed and helpless. The slaughter rages on in gun-free zones around the world. Shame.

Here’s a lifesaving alert to the dependent masses: Unarmed and helpless is unarmed and helpless. The evil guys running amok here, there and everywhere appreciate you very much, for they are assured in your gun-free zones that you are incapable of doing a darned thing when they decide to eat you alive, beat you to death, rape, rob, assault, torture and do with you as they wish, for you, my poor pathetic sheep, have chosen to be unarmed and helpless. To bow before evil is as soulless as soulless gets. No thank you.

Those of us who dearly appreciate the precious gift of life follow our powerful instincts for self-preservation and have made it a priority to be ready to defend ourselves. Those on the lunatic fringe can squawk and moan all they want; the rest of us need no interpretation of “keep and bear.”

“Keep” means it’s mine, and you can’t have it, and “bear” means one thing and one thing only: I have one or two on me, and they’re loaded. Drive safely.

So when Discovery Channel asked if we would like to produce a TV show titled “Ted Nugent’s Gun Country,” I said it is already in progress, so just bring the cameras and push the record button.

Our new show airs Wednesday at 10 p.m., and it simply celebrates and promotes the self-evident truth that 99.99 percent of American gun-owning families use our guns on a regular basis for all the right reasons. The same 99.99 percent of Americans with guns will never use our guns in a crime or for any negative misuse whatsoever.

We train, we plink, we shoot, we compete, we hunt, we have unlimited fun perfecting the use of these wonderful tools for the most pragmatic, utilitarian functions. We shoot billions and billions of rounds of ammo each year, and we own more firepower today than any society in the history of planet Earth.

For the brainwashed cult of denial drooling in the shadow of a gun-hating media and White House: With all this unprecedented increase in guns and ammo in American citizens’ hands, the use of guns in crime is at an all-time low.

It’s not just “Ted Nugent’s Gun Country,” it’s hardworking, hard-playing America’s gun country, and we could not be prouder of it. Tune in to the Discovery Channel for, like our award-winning “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild” on the Outdoor Channel, you’ll witness how real Americans enjoy the great outdoors and peace through superior firepower.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

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