- - Friday, April 4, 2014

The tolerant left has struck again.

The far left wing movement that demands enforced tolerance of every idea it has, no matter how bizarre or repugnant,  but this same group enforces a ruthless orthodoxy that would impress the Taliban.

With the far left, no dissent is allowed.

Brendan Eich just found this out just found this out the hard way.

Mr. Eich was the newly minted CEO of Mozilla, the open source Internet company that produces, among other products, the Firefox web browser. 

Mr. Eich is no ordinary tech guy.  He is the inventor of the Java Script programming language that is used throughout the web. 

Two weeks ago, Mr. Eich was named CEO of Mozilla.  He had been the chief technical officer before that.

In 2008, Mr. Eich gave $1,000 to support Proposition 8.  That was the California inititive that declared marriage to be between one man and one woman.  That measure passed, only to be overturned by a very biased, homosexual federal judge. 

When Mr. Eich was named CEO, three board members resigned. Mozilla employees revolted.  Not because Mr. Eich was not qualified but because he had supported Proposition 8.

Mr. Eich’s support of Proposition 8 became public knowledge when the National Organization for Marriage’s tax return was leaked by the IRS.  In 2012, it caused a Twitter storm with some users demanding Eich’s firing. 

When Mr. Eich became CEO, the radical left lobby went after him and Mozilla.  The website OKCupid went so far as to ban Firefox from its site and urge users to switch to another browser. 

Mr. Eich bowed and prostrated himself before the altar of political correctness, vowing to  “update” Mozilla’s antidiscrimination policies, foster an “open and inclusive” work place and generally submit to any blackmail the far left wanted to impose. 

But Mr. Eich would not apologize for his beliefs, saying he wanted to keep them out of Mozilla.  But he would not recant his beliefs.

The left then treated him like the heretic the think he is and figuratively burned him at the stake.

Mr. Eich realized his position was untenable so on Thursday he resigned.  Mozilla immediately posted politically correct peons to the homosexual and far left movement. 

The left had their heretic.

This is liberalism in America today.  No dissent is ever allowed.

Brendan Eich is not the first victim of the left from Proposition 8.  Scott Eckern, who was the Artistic Director of the California Musical Theater was harassed after his donation of $1,000  to support Proposition 8 was made public.  He offered to donate an equal amount to the Human Rights campaign, the homosexual lobbying group.  That did not pacify the left and he resigned his position. 

Richard Raddon gave $1500 to support Proposition 8.  When his donation was made public he was harassed as well. His employer, the Los Angeles Film Festival would not support him so he resigned too.

The left is sending a message.  Never ever support a conservative organization or conservative effort.  If you do, you will be blackballed, blacklisted, ostracized and forced from your job. 

The left is making a war against conservatives.  Conservatives had taken it for far too long. This is the time conservatives need to stand. 

If Mozilla wants to act that way, there are many other Internet web browsers besides Firefox.  Every conservative should take Firefox off their computer and portable devices. 

If Mozilla wants to side with the far left, conservatives should show them the market works and if you offend your customers, they will react.

This is not just a fight over a browser.  If a company can fire you for your political beliefs, what is next?  No Christians need apply?  No conservatives need apply?

Conservatives either stand and fight today or we see this as the future tomorrow.

It is time for every conservative to dump Firefox.



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