- - Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lois Lerner’s emails have surfaced.
Not those that by some miracle of fate were eaten by the dreaded hard-drive eating monster that also conveniently eats children’s homework. No, these were some older emails.
They reveal a damning picture of Ms. Lerner. She hates conservatives and makes no secret of that. At one point, on an official government email, she refers to conservatives as “…holes.”
So much for the myth of government employees not being political. Ms. Lerner despises conservatives and that is obvious from the emails she wrote. One has to wonder what is on the missing emails that the Obama regime found necessary to destroy. Oops, that should be that “unfortunately” were lost due to a computer malfunction.
If anyone believes that all of those hard drives just crashed, ignoring the fact that emails are stored on servers and are backed up, well there is a guy over in Nigeria who wants to share his wealth with you. Just send him your bank account information.
Speaking of Ms. Lerner; why isn’t she in jail?
The House has held her in contempt for refusing to testify. The speaker of the House, John Boehner, could order the Sergeant at Arms of the House to go and lock her up at any time.
Why won’t he?
This is a former IRS official who not only hates conservatives, but targeted conservatives and even wanted to target at least one Republican senator just based on political beliefs.
Why won’t Mr. Boehner lock her up?
Mr. Boehner recently said there would be no impeachment of Barack Obama.  In 1998, the Republicans were expecting a big year. They had control of the House and the Senate, and were expecting to pick up seats in the House.
They pushed impeachment and instead lost seats.
Perhaps impeachment is a bad idea right now. As long as the Democrats control the Senate, they will never let there be an impeachment trial. And even if the Republicans had control of the Senate, the Democrats would never vote to remove President Obama. Since it takes a two-thirds vote to remove the president, Mr. Obama is safe. He could kill someone on live TV with millions of witnesses and the Democrats would never vote to remove him.
Mr. Boehner is terrified of anything that might cost his team even a single seat. OK, scratch impeachment, but who would care if Ms. Lerner were locked up?
Americans of all stripes hate the IRS. Given her history, even the Obama regime would have a hard time spinning this one. Conservatives and even non-political Americans would cheer Ms. Lerner going to jail.
Mr. Boehner won’t act.
A recent survey showed that 77 percent of Americans favor deporting those illegal aliens who are streaming across the border. From a political point a view alone, when you have three quarters of the American people behind an idea, you have a winning idea. That is an idea that a party should champion.
Where are the Republicans?
Mr. Boehner shows about as much interest in deporting illegal aliens as he does in jailing Ms. Lerner.
Perhaps the penultimate question here is what point is it in having a Republican majority in the House of Representatives if they won’t do anything?
Sure, they pass a lot of symbolic bills and do a lot of meaningless acts, like the vote on Thursday to sue Mr. Obama, but what good are they if they don’t do anything meaningful?
In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln wrote to Gen. George McClellan, who Lincoln felt was not aggressive at all and said, “If you don’t want to use the Army, I should like to borrow it for a while.”
Mr. Speaker, if you don’t want to use your majority, the tea party would like to borrow it for a while.



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