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Senator Amnesty, Lamar Alexander, from Tennessee has managed to double down on stupid.

Mr. Alexander is clearly working on becoming the next Eric Cantor.

Mr. Alexander voted along with a lot of other senators for the so-called “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill. Mr. Alexander was one of 14 Republican senators who broke ranks and voted for amnesty.

Given how red Tennessee is and given how unpopular amnesty is among the Republican base, a sane candidate would be distancing himself from that vote.

Not Mr. Alexander.

Mr. Alexander doubled down on stupidity in a comment that was first published by the Knoxville News Sentinel. He said, “We have amnesty today. Turning your head while 11 million people are already here illegally is perpetual amnesty. I voted along with 67 other United States senators to end perpetual amnesty.”

Does Mr. Alexander really believe what is coming out of his mouth or at least out of his office?

Mr. Alexander is at least partially responsible for what is happening on America’s southern border. Had Mr. Alexander and the other Republicans not crossed over to work with the Democrats, the “Gang of Eight” bill would have died in the Senate.

For the Republican Party, amnesty is political suicide. Even among Latinos, amnesty is not a hot button issue.

The idea that amnesty will some how move Hispanics into the Republican Party is simply a myth perpetrated by the Chamber of Commerce. The chamber wants amnesty because that will drive down wages and increase business profits.

For the GOP, amnesty is a demographic disaster. Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. Surveys show illegal aliens favor Democrats by a margin of 8 to 1. In 1986, after Ronald Reagan signed amnesty, there was no big rush by Hispanics to join the GOP.

In fact, just six years after Reagan signed amnesty, California went blue and has never voted for a Republican president since then.

None of those facts seem to register on Senator Amnesty. Perhaps Mr. Alexander should be renamed as the senator from the Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Alexander is being challenged by Tennessee state Rep. Joe Carr.

Mr. Carr vehemently opposes amnesty. Mr. Carr recently appeared on the Laura Ingraham show where he signed the FAIR pledge on immigration.

Mr. Alexander, instead of signing that pledge, doubled down again on his love for amnesty. Mr. Alexander said the bill would bring “talented and essential” workers.

With 92 million Americans out of work, why do we need to be bringing more workers in? With record unemployment, even among the so-called STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, graduates, why does Senator Amnesty want to bring more workers in?

The cold hard truth is those people coming across the border are not Ph.D.’s in science. They are unskilled, illiterate people. They are people who are going to crush the wages of the middle class and will more likely than not, end up on welfare.

As Senator Amnesty doubles down on stupid, Mr. Carr is rising in the polls. This year is seeing a rising tide of tea party candidates, like Dave Brat in Virginia, taking out pro-amnesty establishment candidates.

In August, Lamar Alexander, Senator Amnesty, may be next.

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