- - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The last time America had a king, his name was George and he was quite probably mad. Tomorrow night, we will have a king again. His name is Barry and he is narcissistically insane.

Thursday night, King Barry, formerly known as Barack Obama, will take a major step in transforming America from a constitutional republic to an authoritarian nation.

King Barry is going to declare Executive Amnesty.

King Barry is ignoring the will of the American people. He is going to make his pronouncement in a national address from his throne room or what used to be called the Oval Office.

Then, in a show that can only be described as the ultimate irony, he will fly to Las Vegas to sign his royal proclamation. Vegas probably is an appropriate place for this because when people come to Vegas they either leave as winners or losers.

More losers than winners and that is the story of King Barry’s Amnesty. The winners will be the illegal aliens. The winners will also be those soon to be illegal aliens who will storm our borders because they are being told that if they come, the king will let them stay and give them benefits.

The losers will be the American citizens.

With a flood of illegal aliens that will be certainly many times the 5 million figure that has been quoted, American wages will be depressed even further. Who is going to pay for King Barry’s largess to these illegal aliens?

Will it be the 92 million Americans who are not working thanks to King Barry’s Great Depression? If not them then who?

And what happens when King Barry runs out of other people’s money to pay the millions of illegal aliens?

King Barry has created the Obama precedent. He can simply act with impunity. What will happen in 2017 after a Republican president is elected. Will the Democrats scream in holy terror as King Barry’s edicts are overturned?

All is not lost. King Barry is making a concession to freedom of thought. When asked about House Speaker John Boehner’s opposition to amnesty, his court jester and spokesman Josh Earnest said that King Barry is willing to “allow the Speaker to change his mind.”

If he doesn’t, does he lose his head?

When the Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution, they remembered the real experience they had with a real tyrant. The Constitution, that King Barry so blithely ignores, was written with someone like Barack Obama in mind.

The Constitution was written by the Founding Fathers in the hopes there would be sufficient protections against a tyrant like King Barry. Where the Founding Fathers went wrong is they assumed future generations would be as courageous and as dedicated to freedom and liberty as they were.

When King Barry’s plane touches down in Las Vegas, no one is certain whether the band will play “Hail to the Chief” or King Barry’s personal theme song, “The next time I fall in love it will be with me.”

In 1787, at the Constitutional Convention, Ben Franklin warned us these days were coming. Every one is familiar with the story of the woman who asked Franklin what kind of government they had given the American people.

“A Republic, if you can keep it,” he told the woman.

King Barry is making sure we don’t.

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