- - Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Part of the fun of election night these days is reading the comments from social media. I got a big kick from some of the comments written by my friends on Twitter.

Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter · 16 hours ago
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has moved from denial to anger. I hope Media Research Center’s VCR is running.

GregGutfeld @greggutfeld · 17 hours ago
less a defeat for Obama than it is for a media who cocooned him like an injured kitten.

Michael Berry @MichaelBerrySho · 16 hours ago
Just got home. Karl Rove doin some sort of brokeback mountain-themed segment.

Chuck Woolery @chuckwoolery · 16 hours ago
We slapped, we voted, we showed our anger for progressive ideology. And the Church said. AMEN

Monica Crowley @MonicaCrowley · 37 minutes ago
He’s still complaining that his message didn’t “penetrate.” So he still thinks we’re too dumb to get his enlightened brilliance.

They all had more and even better snarky comments. I could have picked from thousands of people because literally millions of tweets were sent out and some of them were actually funny.

The same goes for me — I must have sent out nearly millions of messages and some of them were actually funny.

I put together a video of my Top Ten Smarty Pants Tweets from election night. Watch the video and see them all. Here are a few

10. The Dems got beat like a snake from a Honey Badger! (That’s Nasty)

9. See Dems? That’s what happens when you tick off Republican Chuck Norris!

8. THANK YOU my fellow American’s for not being dumb?X$#* this election!!

7. I ain’t seen a beating like that since Clubber Lang beat Rock in Their first fight.

6. MSNBC will be MSOFFTHEAIR soon. #badnight #rickmaddow #thatguythatlookslikechandler from friends

That’s a quick sample. Watch the video for the rest.

What were some of the best comments you saw or wrote on social media on election night? I would love to read them and who knows maybe I’ll send a prize or two out for the ones I think are the funniest.

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