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Did you ever play the game “Would you rather…”?

It’s an ice-breaker that is popular in all age groups. If you’re ever stuck in an awkward silence, whether it’s with a 4-year-old or a 40-year-old, try one of these sure-fire conversation starters brought to you courtesy of my nephews:

Would you rather eat 100 live spiders or swim in a pool full of slimy worms? Would you rather eat anchovies on your ice cream or snot on your pizza? (Gross, I know, but that’s the point of the game.)

Here’s a tough one, would you rather the next president be a liberal Democrat or an establishment Republican?

My answers: I’d rather eat anchovies on my ice cream than have snot on my pizza. I happen to like salty-sweet food combinations. I’d rather eat 100 live spiders than swim in worms. Smother the bugs with hot sauce, gulp them down with a cold, craft beer and it doesn’t sound so bad. And, last but not least, I’d rather have a liberal Democrat occupy the White House than an establishment Republican. It keeps the grassroots on their toes.

That last one about the White House got me in hot water when I posted my answer on Facebook. What about judicial nominees? What about executive orders? Even with these important reminders, I’d still rather have a liberal Democrat than an establishment Republican as our next president. I’ll take it one step further … I’d rather have a liberal Democrat than a cowardly conservative in just about any elected office. Here’s why.

As much as we’d like to blame President Obama for all that is wrong with the world, America’s decline didn’t happen overnight. Yes, it rapidly accelerated under his administration. There’s no denying that. Yet, decades of compromise on both sides of the aisle weakened our foundation. Our national debt skyrocketed, defense budget shriveled, and laws no longer resembled the Constitution long before Mr. Obama stepped foot in the Oval Office. It was the complacency of the American people that allowed this to happen.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the power of the government is derived from the consent of those governed. Our apathy gave consent to compromise.

But it’s not like we just threw in the towel. Life gets in the way of eternal vigilance. In our exhaustion, many of us want to tune out, willingly become ignorant of what’s going in the world. I confess, I’m guilty of it. This past year, my family has dealt with a lot of gut-wrenching blows. And it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Sometimes I’d rather watch “Real Housewives” rather than real news. However, as we hide, the cost of freedom goes up. And we find ourselves in the situation we’re in today, seemingly impossible to reverse.

The silver lining is that the further we move from authentic freedom, the more it unnerves everyday Americans. There’s a growing discontent even among die-hard Democrats as the consequences of liberalism are actualized. When we downsize the military in the middle of a war, when we open the borders as terrorists stroll across, it becomes clear that liberal feel-good policies are more romantic than practical.

Now, we’re on the cusp of reformation. A radical reawakening of Constitutional principles is needed to tip the scales. For the United States to once again become solvent, strong and sovereign, that reawakening must include bona fide action.

Right now, the Constitution is somewhat trendy in certain political circles. In order to stir up a crowd, politicians proclaim the virtues of our founding documents. Yet, when push comes to shove, they all too easily abandon them for the sake of popularity. It’s that establishment mindset – an eagerness to compromise in order to get ahead. This mindset is not restricted to establishment Republicans. It’s in conservative circles. It’s in the tea party. It’s in just about any organization with a leadership structure.

This is a deep-seated mindset in the political arena. It’s not easy to uproot. And this problem is further exasperated by the fact that life gets in the way of activism. Yet we can’t be seduced into a false sense of security by cowardly conservatives and moderate Republicans who vow to represent everyday Americans, yet have no spine when it comes to follow through.

When Washington is overrun with such politicians, everyday Americans get lulled into complacency. When we get complacent, Washington gets a free pass.

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