- - Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When the media describes a conservative group, an ideological label is always attached. The media will refer to conservative groups as, “conservative,” “Tea Party,” “Right wing,” or even “far right wing.”

Liberal groups get a pass on these ideological labels.

In fact, the media does a pretty good job of covering the ideological tracks of far left wing groups so they can be portrayed in the media as fair and reasonable.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this media double standard has been the far left wing Sierra Club.

It is hard to believe that a few decades ago the Sierra Club was mostly confined to California and most of its members were Republicans. Back then, the Sierra Club cared for conservation. Today it boldly embraces a radical left wing environmental agenda.

While the Sierra Club likes to portray itself as simply an organization that is concerned about the environment, the cold hard truth is, it is just another group that has been taken over by the far left and is now a part of “big left, Incorporated.”

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, as of July, the Sierra Club had donated approximately $55,302 in contests for the House of Representatives and $7614 in races for the Senate.

How much of that money went to Democrats? The math is easy here. Their total giving to Republicans was $0.

Shockingly enough, members of the far left Democracy Alliance, are big supporters of the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club favors radical environmental policies, including no natural gas development, the end of coal fired power production and the insane policy of supporting wind power.

Recently, the Sierra Club decided it was going to target 21 Republicans in Congress because the House of Representatives would not renew something called the Wind Power Production Tax Credit. Some of the Republicans targeted include, Reps. Mike Coffman of Colorado, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Adrian Smith and Lee Terry of Nebraska, Michael Conaway of Texas, Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania, Jackie Walorski of Indiana, and Peter Roskam of Illinois.

The Wind Power Production Tax Credit was one of the biggest frauds ever perpetuated on the American people. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been a beneficiary of this tax credit.

In an interview with CNN in April, Mr. Buffett said the only reason he invested in wind farms was because of the production tax credit. He said, without that subsidy, it did not make sense to invest.

Wind Power is a scam. Wind does not blow all of the time. Most of the parts for these wind turbines are made not in America, but overseas. In other words, the Sierra Club stands for subsidies that create jobs in places like China instead of America.

Because the media sells America on the lie that the Sierra Club is simply a non-partisan conservation group, instead of being the hard left group they really are, it is hard for some politicians to stand up to them.

Any group that does not want America to have cheap, clean energy and wants America to regress backwards is not a non-partisan organization with America’s best interests at heart.

With some of the funding for the Sierra Club coming from the George Soros-bankrolled Tides Foundation that really isn’t surprising.

What is surprising is that the myth of the Sierra Club continues in America.

And perhaps what is also pleasantly surprising is the willingness of the Republicans targeted by the Sierra Club. It isn’t easy standing up to a group that is almost deified by the mainstream media. But in 2014, some Republicans are learning the virtue of courage. And it is long past time that America learned that the Sierra Club is an organization that now is nothing more than a shill for the Democrats and the radical left.



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