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(1) Bono on Paris attacks: Nothing’s stopping U2 from going back (AP)

U2 was set to perform in Paris on Nov. 14 and was in a middle of rehearsing when 130 people were killed in suicide bombings and shootings the day before in what has become the worst attack on French soil in more than a half-century. “Well, knowing our French audience and having a sense of them by now, I would say joy as an act of defiance,” he said of what concertgoers can expect when U2 performs at the Accor Hotels Arena in Paris Dec. 6-7. “That’s what U2 does, that’s what French people want from us and that’s it.”

This recalls a recent piece my friend and pastor Peter Santucci wrote in response to the ISIS terrorist attack on Paris. Here’s an excerpt from his “Sorrow & Joy in an Age of Terrorism“:

The only effective answer to terrorism is to not be terrorized.

This is where the Irish rock band U2 comes in for me.

Like most Americans, I was shellshocked by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. For weeks after, I feared every airplane I saw in the sky. Would this one fly into a building as well?

But U2 toured the U.S. soon after and did something amazing. They led us in sorrow and in joy. They taught us how to grieve and how to dance again. They brought their unique blend of Irish Christian melancholy and passion to bear on our fear and pain. Their Super Bowl XXXVI performance on Feb. 2, 2002 was deeply cathartic in its head-on engagement with our grief and its refusal to be diminished by it. I still weep each time I see it when it gets to the midpoint.

(2) Black pastors press Trump on tone during closed-door meeting (AP)

“I asked him: ‘Are you a racist? People are saying that about you,’” Bloomer said. “If you are seeking the African-American community to support you, at the least, you’re not helping with these kind of things that are going on.”

(3) Why evangelical Christians shouldn’t support Trump

The Scriptures teach that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45), and so Trump’s consistent pattern of reckless speech points to deeper issues which could make him unfit for the office of the presidency.

I’m not just talking about his silly attacks on Megyn Kelly (blood), Carly Fiorina (face), and Marco Rubio (sweat) or his more serious attacks on Mexican immigrants (accusing the many of what the few do) and others. I’m talking about his character assault on Ben Carson, comparing him to a child molester who has pathological problems and, most recently, his apparent mocking of the disability of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski.

Worse still, rather than apologizing for his most recent remarks, he claims he is being unfairly attacked for his comments and alleges that he doesn’t even know what Kovaleski looks like. Is he lying?

(4) Exorcism’s Golden Age (The Conversation)    ***Isn’t it interesting that belief in demons is at a high, given the alleged dominance of secularism? People claim to believe in demons and angels, then turn around and jettison belief (and behavior modification) about the supernatural at every turn.

(5) A Better Question About the Colorado Shootings (America Magazine

Some pro-choice activists are suggesting the pro-life community should be asking whether or not our rhetoric incites violence against abortion providers. I think there’s a more important question for us pro-lifers to ask: when will we be willing to demand that politicians who take a moral stand against abortion also get involved in a substantive conversation about how to mitigate the risks of gun violence and mass shootings?


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