- - Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Not having decided who I am going to vote for in the 2016 presidential election, I am not-the-less amused at the Left’s (and the Republican establishment’s) attempts to explain Donald Trump’s success on the campaign trail. Pundit after pundit has opined on the reason Mr. Trump is, in some polls, over 40 percent of the Republican primary electorate.

President Obama took a shot this week in an interview with NPR. According to him, Mr. Trump is manipulating blue-collar workers who are concerned about globalization and changing demographics. He blamed it on the “financial crisis.” Wasn’t that seven years ago? He went on to say people dislike his policies because he is black, which was totally in character for our president.

Mostly the Left calls Mr. Trump a bigot and a racist. I mean heck, it’s worked many times before hasn’t it? So why not use it again?

So, to help the socialist party get a grip on why Mr. Trump is very possibly the Republican nominee, I thought I’d lay out some reasons why he is garnering so much support.

1. America is tired of having a weak leader who does not stand up for American interests globally. Mr. Obama’s agenda is not the national security of the United States. On the contrary, it is some ‘progressive’ goal of reducing American power worldwide. Our domestic safety has been weakened as well and the people know it, no matter what Obama says. The main job of the federal government is to provide for the common defense. Mr. Obama has not lived up to that mandate, quite the contrary. They believe Mr. Trump will do this magnificently.

2. America is tired of uncontrolled immigration. This anger cuts across party and socioeconomic lines. Americans are not racist; they just want immigrants to follow the law and the government to enforce those laws. Obviously the Obama administration has had no intention of doing so. African-Americans and other minorities are hurt by people coming in doing jobs for nothing. It’s not that Americans don’t want jobs, they just want to be paid a decent amount for them. Besides the economic angle, the White House has an agenda of changing the demographics of the country. That has made people livid. Mr. Trump is the only one that will say it.

3. America wants a smaller federal government that is not fascist. Yes, I said fascist. Having the IRS, the federal tax agency with enormous power, attack the political opposition, is fascism. It’s not the only federal agency that has done so. People want the government out of their lives. They want to be free. They want this smaller government to do what it does well. This administration is incompetent, whether you look at the VA, the Secret Service, Obamacare, et cetera. They don’t have confidence in the executive branch. On the flip side, they think Trump can get it done.

It’s not rocket science. Mr. Trump has put his finger exactly where it hurts for the American people. People believe he will help them.

The Left can call him racist, bigoted, buffoonish all they want. What they need to realize is that his support is likely much bigger than they admit, from blacks who want good jobs, women who are tired of feminazis, and people who are tired of political correctness but afraid to say it for fear of persecution by the media or the Department of Justice.

Lastly, I find it baffling that the Left can criticize Mr. Trump for using crude language when their president has dictatorial tendencies, oversees one of the most corrupt administrations in history, and their presidential candidate is under investigation by the FBI. I mean really, what’s more important?

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