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(1) Congrats to my friends at the Philos Project, Robert Nicholson and Luke Moon, and Mark Tooley (The Institute on Religion and Democracy) on the launch of their new publication, Providence: A Journal of Christianity & American Foreign Policy.

Here’s a news piece about it via The Washington Times.

(2) Church Group: Police Detain Taiwanese Pastor on China Visit (AP)

(3) Rand Paul: Liberty Requires Virtue (Christian Post)

Senator Rand Paul quoted from Os Guinness, a favorite author of mine…and apparently his too.

“But I think society and civilization needs structure. There is a theologian by the name of Os Guinness I like who says ‘that liberty requires restraint, but the only restraint consistent with liberty is self-restraint.’

“So I am not saying the government should make good people out of you, but I think it makes it a heck of a lot easier for civilization to exist if you have liberty and virtue,” Paul added.

The Kentucky Senator, who is Presbyterian, noted that it helps to have a Republic who has virtuous people so liberty can flourish.

(4) Despite Wrong Doomsday Stats, Pastors Holding Up Just Fine: Somehow, bad stats about pastor misery persist. LifeWay Research data gives us a clearer picture of reality, by Ed Stetzer (Christianity Today)

(5) Ben Carson is political malpractice, by Michael Brendan Dougherty (The Week)

***The point of my including this here isn’t so much the Ben Carson angle, but what Dougherty says about Evangelicals and politics. In essence, learn how to play the game, the long-term game. Stop looking for 1-trick-pony hero-Messiah’s.

“The name of the game in political influence is infiltration, institution building, and expertise. Evangelical political victories will happen and become sustainable when it doesn’t matter whether the Republicans nominate a co-religionist like Mike Huckabee or a non-practicing Jack Mormon like Jon Huntsman. It will happen when the political culture and party apparatus is so infused with evangelicals’ influence that policy decisions are made in their image, when they are the GOP’s most effective fundraisers and best activists, and live persuasively. And evangelicals should know this from their Bible: Joseph rises to power in Egypt through hard work and showing prosperous results for his master and, ultimately, for Pharaoh.”

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