- - Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(1) Bon Jovi Stands Up for Israel—Against Boycott Buffoons (New York Post)

***Living on a prayer and singing in Tel Aviv.

(2) Paul Kengor explains Pope Francis’s War on gender theory:

“In a world and culture that asserts that men and women and husbands and wives and dads and moms are interchangeable, Francis proclaims just the opposite. To say he is adamant is an understatement.

“Gender ideology is demonic!” Pope Francis insists. It militates against “the order of creation.” He sees it as so toxic, so destructive, that he has compared gender ideology to “the educational policies of Hitler.”

Chew that one over, liberals.”

(3) Consistent Spiritual Discipline Is Not Legalism, by John Piper

“The creeping legalism in American evangelicalism today, I believe, is not the spiritual discipline of Daniel who prayed three times a day. I urge you to consider whether some of our weakness rather in cushy, self-indulgent, so-called spontaneous, meet-my-needs, American Christianity is owing not mainly to bondage to legalistic lists of dos and don’ts, but rather to the fact that we have forsaken biblical discipline.”

(4) Fr. Dwight Longenecker asks, Is Catholicism About to Break?

***This is helpful for understanding the non-monolithic thing called American Roman Catholicism. Longenecker describes (1) traditionalists, (2) magisterial, (3) progressives; then answers the question with a “no.”

(5) Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, in Dueling Speeches, Focus on Transgender Rights (New York Times).  And: Hillary Clinton Mocks Ben Carson, Ted Cruz on Gay Rights (ABC News)


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