- - Tuesday, February 2, 2016

There was a bombshell in the Iowa caucuses Monday night. No, it was not the amazing, record turn out for the Republican candidates. No, it was not Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s convincing win over Donald Trump. It wasn’t even Martin O’Malley and Mike Huckabee dropping out of the race.

It was that Hillary Clinton won the Democrat caucuses.

The story isn’t that Hillary Clinton won.

The real story is what has become of the Democrat Party.

Hillary Clinton won Iowa among Democrats despite all of the stories that are coming out about her home brewed email server. On the day of the Iowa caucuses, the worst story of all broke. Not only did Hillary Clinton’s non-secure server have TOPSECRET/SAP (special access project) information on it, some of the information she had revealed methods and operations.

The government might as well have just put every secret it has on Wikipedia.

Not only were major intelligence projects destroyed by Hillary Clinton’s actions, lives were at least endangered. Around the world, brave Americans step into the shadows to get vital information this nation needs at great personal risk. Hillary Clinton destroyed their efforts. Around the world, people who aren’t Americans, risk their lives to get America vital information. The price of failure for these people is a one way trip to a torture dungeon.

This information is not only being reported by the Washington Times and Fox News, but NBC, the Washington Post and other left wing media outlets are reporting this too. The Democrats do not care. Just over half of the Democrats said, they don’t care about America or national security.

Donald Trump said a few days ago, he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York and he would not lose a single supporter.

Perhaps the question real Americans should be asking is, what does Hillary Clinton have to do before the Democrats disavow her? The common political wisdom is that if she were to be indicted, her campaign would be over.

The results from Iowa suggest that may not be true.

Almost as alarming, in Iowa, almost half the Democrats voted for an avowed socialist. There was a time not too long ago, that if anyone claimed to be a socialist, it was the kiss of political death. Socialist was a label politicians avoided at all costs.

Not anymore.

Now you have a guy who is proud to be a socialist running for President. Not only that, he is calling for a socialist revolution. Ninety nine years ago, another socialist called for a revolution. Vladimir Lenin’s revolution caused billions of people in this world to suffer under poverty and tyranny. And a few hundred million died.

Fifty-five years ago, John F. Kennedy became president. He was arguably the last patriotic Democrat President. In his inaugural speech he told America, “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

Today, the Democrat Party does not care about the nation. The supporters of the Democrat Party only care about free stuff. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders promise free stuff, without a clue as to how it would be paid for.

Democrats today are offended when real Americans question their patriotism. Their patriotism is not in dispute. They are not patriotic. The are the anti-American political party.

Inquiring minds now want to know, is there anything Hillary Clinton could do that would make Democrats not vote for her?

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