- - Monday, February 22, 2016

(1) Evangelicals Give Big South Carolina Kiss To Donald Trump, by David Brody (CBN)

For months and months, Donald Trump has been exclaiming, “The evangelicals love me and I love them.” Well folks, tonight that love affair paved his way to victory in the all-important South Carolina Primary. 72% of the voters in South Carolina Saturday night with evangelical. Trump won 33 percent, of them. Ted Cruz won 27 percent, and Rubio won 22 percent. So let’s not kid ourselves here: Donald Trump is on his way to the GOP nomination and if he wins it, it will be because of evangelicals. Plain and simple.

(2) Anglicanism in Spite of Canterbury?, by Rev. Canon Phil Ashey

It is very discouraging that the Archbishop of Canterbury seems unwilling and unable to affirm the Holy Scriptures as the ultimate rule and standard of faith and practice—and therefore as the basis for defining “the limits of Anglican diversity.”

…The most charitable thing I can say about Archbishop Welby’s new trio of authorities is that it may be a bit premature to replace Hooker’s “Scripture, tradition and reason” with Jenkins “freedom, order and human flourishing” as the basis for determining the limits of Anglican diversity. “Freedom, order and human flourishing,” are not the Biblical tests. They are not confessional. They are not catholic. They are not evangelical. I don’t even remember hearing them in ALPHA.

Should the Archbishop continue on the path he’s going down, it may be necessary to imagine an Anglicanism in spite of Canterbury.

(3) The Pope’s Theological Error  (Commentary

(4) Pastor’s Endorsement Signals Ted Cruz Laying Ground Work in California, by Bob Eschliman

The California Republican Primary isn’t until June 7, more than three months away, but U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is already making it known he intends to be fighting at the end for the GOP nomination. Two new endorsements over the weekend show he’s already made some big inroads there, as well. Friday evening, his campaign announced the endorsement of Pastor Jack Hibbs, the founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in southern California, a church of approximately 9,000 attendees. 

(5) 10 Obscure Gospel Moments Most Jesus Films Miss: A look at commonly neglected gospel stories and films that depict them. (Christianity Today)

***Taking a break from politics for a minute, here’s a fun look at “Jesus movies”—and the vignettes from the Gospels that don’t make it into the films.

(6) Brian McLaren, liberal theologian, says it is time to re-write pro-war hymns

To continue reshaping faith in America, McLaren is also rewriting traditional Christian hymns, especially those he and others consider dangerously outdated theologically.

One of the chief offenders, McLaren told Baptist News Global, is Onward, Christian Soldiers, the 19th-century English hymn that connects Christian beliefs with militaristic images and metaphors.

(7) Joseph Fiennes Talks About Playing a Skeptic in ‘Risen’ (Christianity T0day)


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