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1 Kudos to CBN for this great profile of Senator LankfordUnlikely Candidate: The Call of God This Senator Just Couldn’t Shake

“Every part of what he does is to honor Christ, to be obedient to Him, to know Him and make Him known,” Cindy explained. “And it’s evident in everything that he does and so it’s very fun because something that we get to do now is watch God unfold things that we wouldn’t have seen before.”

In Oklahoma, folks have a saying: If you don’t like the weather just wait a minute because it’s about to change.

But people have come to realize that Sen. Lankford sticks to his principles in Washington, even when they’re not popular.

“I have lots of people that catch us now that we’re elected and know we don’t have a political background and say, ‘Are you having fun?’” he said. “And I’ve never understood that question, ‘Are you having fun?’” 

“This is a job and a task,” he explained. “I’m not there to be a celebrity. I’m not there to go and play. There’s a lot of work that has to be done, and it’s a mess.” 

2| America the Beautiful? A Message from Franklin Graham

…Should the godless forces in culture succeed, this nation will cease to exist as one nation under God. Wherever Christianity flourishes, freedom flowers. Wherever it is marginalized, tyranny, despotism and eventually anarchy will inevitably follow.

I am going to do everything I can to promote and defend the just and noble cause of religious liberty in our nation. Already this year, I have traveled to the capitals of 32 states for our Decision America Tour, asking thousands of people at every stop to pray for our country, and become engaged in the political process at every level.

In 1620, pilgrims seeking to practice Christianity in a land with true religious freedom wrote a document called the Mayflower Compact. The ultimate goal was stated this way, as they headed from Europe to the shores of the New World; “For the Glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith.”

That land, of course, became the United States of America, and God has shed His grace upon us for so long. With God’s help, I intend to pray and work as long as I can and as hard as I can to keep it the land of the free.

America the beautiful? Only if God continues to shed His grace on us. And that will happen only as we turn from our wicked ways and call on His Name.


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