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1| Johnson amendment: Trump’s ‘greatest contribution to Christianity’? |Christian Today

***What are we to think about this? If elected, could Trump do this? Should Trump do this?

Donald Trump has said that if elected president he will abolish the “Johnson amendment” which prevents churches and other religious bodies from campaigning politically.

Introducing his Catholic running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence in New York on Saturday night, the presumptive Republican candidate said: “We’re going to get rid of that horrible Johnson amendment and we’re going to let evangelicals, we’re going to let Christians and Jews and people of religion talk without being afraid to talk”.

Trump has excited evangelicals with the move, which comes amid a growing tilt for the Christian vote. An appeal which, so far at least, appears to be succeeding.

2| Suit alleges Rockford nurse was forced from her job over abortion mandates

***A Christian lawyer I know has a podcast and blog that pointed out this case. It seems a Christian nurse in Illinois was unable to hold onto her pro-life convictions while also retaining her job. Is this a sign of things to come?

Sandra Mendoza, an 18-year employee of the Health Department, alleges in a suit filed in Winnebago County Circuit Court that she objected to a department mandate that all nurses be trained to make referrals to abortion providers and to help women obtain abortion drugs, such as morning after pills.

After Mendoza, who is Catholic, objected to the training on grounds of conscience, she alleges that Public Health Administrator Sandra Martell gave her two weeks to either quit or accept a demotion to a temporary job as a food inspector.

Mendoza refused the demotion and was forced to resign in July 2015, the suit alleges.

3| McDonald’s implements porn filter at U.S. stores |Baptist Press

***Kudos to McDonalds for this! Doesn’t it seem common sense anyway? It’s crazy to think that it is a wise business model to allow access to pornography in a fast-food restaurant populated with Happy Meals. Who would bring their family into a particular McDonalds a second time, if their children were once exposed to pornography while eating a McDouble and fries?

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