- - Friday, June 10, 2016

1| Franklin Graham: God Can Give Our Nation Favor

…Franklin Graham is sounding the rallying cry, and so far more than 122,000 people have turned out to join him in praying 2 Chronicles 7:14. Using the book of Nehemiah, Franklin Graham encourages those in attendance that God can restore America, if we only will pray.

“People tell me, ‘Franklin, there’s no hope for our country. It’s gone too far,’’ Franklin Graham said during the Lincoln, Nebraska, prayer rally. “Look at Nehemiah, the walls were destroyed. The gates had been burned with fire, but God gave him favor.

“Do you think God can give the church a favor today? Do you think He can give our nation favor today? Yes!”

2| Clinton’s long, liberal record helps evangelicals overcome Trump ‘trepidation’ |WashTimes

Bishop Patrick Lane Wooden Sr. is not sure whether Donald Trump supports North Carolina’s “bathroom law” requiring transgender residents to use the facilities of the sex they were assigned at birth, but he knows Hillary Clinton opposes the law — and that’s good enough for him to roll the dice with the presumptive Republican nominee.

Mr. Wooden is one of a number of evangelical voters grappling with a tricky choice in this year’s election. Some social conservatives say they need to see more from Mr. Trump before they are comfortable with him, but others — echoing the views of many Republicans nationwide — say the choice has been made for them.

“When it comes to Donald Trump, there is a large degree of trepidation, but what makes Donald Trump look good to me is Hillary Clinton,” said Mr. Wooden, who leads a church in Raleigh.

3| Religious Liberty Threatened in California by New Law on Gender Identity |National Review

California occupies a place of significance in America, considering the size of its population and economy. Its association with Hollywood and celebrity also gives it, regrettably, the role of cultural trendsetter. So when first-of-its-kind anti-religious-liberty legislation finds warm embrace in California’s state senate, it’s a foreboding signal of things to come.

Tacked onto existing law, the proposed amendment to the state’s Equity in Higher Education Act attempts to stigmatize and coercively punish any religious belief system that might dare to offer a difference of opinion about sexuality and gender. The bill strong-arms religious schools into an untenable position: Either compromise their religious identity or risk losing access to grants and government-backed financial assistance like Cal Grants. How so? According to the legislation, any religious school that made admission decisions or laid out student-conduct expectations based on religious criteria that were at odds with the bill’s protected classes would risk losing access to state funds unless they affirmed the highly contestable categories of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” – categories at odds with views about marriage and sexuality in many religious traditions.


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