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1| Canada’s House sends assisted suicide bill to Senate for approval |America

2| Died: Robertson McQuilkin, College President Praised for Alzheimer’s Resignation |ChristianityToday

Their love story went national when Muriel developed Alzheimer’s disease and was eventually terrified to be without McQuilkin. Some of his friends advised him to put her into an institution. But he chose instead to leave Columbia eight years short of retirement in order to care for her.

McQuilkin explained his decision to CT:

When the time came, the decision was firm. It took no great calculation. It was a matter of integrity. Had I not promised, 42 years before, “in sickness and in health … till death do us part”?

This was no grim duty to which I stoically resigned, however. It was only fair. She had, after all, cared for me for almost four decades with marvelous devotion; now it was my turn. And such a partner she was! If I took care of her for 40 years, I would never be out of her debt.

3| German MPs recognise Armenian ‘genocide’ amid Turkish fury |BBC

4| Kansas also will challenge Obama Transgender Directive |AP

5| A Job Worthy of Being Done Well |TIFWE

***Follow this team of writers. They’re worth your time in thinking about Christianity and vocation.

Think about the cleaning staff of an office building. Executives make big money decisions, managers keep processes humming along, and various workers write reports, invent new widgets, or sell products. These people appear to be the ones moving the company forward. Yet their work is no more important than the personnel scrubbing toilets. Filthy bathrooms distract the rest of the workers. Sickness results. Other workers will not want to be employed by a company with unsanitary restrooms, so they’ll go find a better business to work for.

The cleaning crew has an important job. They perform tasks other people could probably do, but the division of labor makes the company run more efficiently. The president may be more effective researching upcoming decisions than sweeping floors, so while all work is  important, it makes since for labor to be divided.

…Perhaps, then, it would be fair to argue that the devil isn’t in the details, but God is. It is God-honoring to treat the proper execution of minutia as an act of service. It is also proper to recognize the significance of mundane work done well.

No matter how small the task appears, it is worthy of being done well. Regardless of where your job falls on the org chart, you have the opportunity to contribute to the company and the glory of God through a job well-done.

6| What’s the Fiscal Condition of Your State? |ActonPowerBlog


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