- - Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Gary Miller, a friend of mine who has pastored churches and now leads a ministry called “Talk Less! Pray More!” wrote this (see picture) on his Facebook.

It is a humorous guide to evangelicals, supplied free of charge for the people who are tasked with conducting exit polls.

You might not see the humor … if you’re not an evangelical.

But if you are an evangelical who understands “SBO: Softball only” (people who join a church or Sunday School to become eligible to play on the church’s softball team), then you might be concerned about the reality behind the humor.

As I’ve heard it said more and more in recent years, the standards for joining a local church should not be lower than that of  the Rotary Club or Kiwanis.

So, if you’re a “CAM” — concerned about membership Evangelical — then there are a number of good books and articles (and the Bible) to guide you and your church into greater Gospel faithfulness.



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