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There is a difference between tolerance or inclusiveness, and stupidity. There is a difference between loving your country or your culture, and xenophobia. The world understands this. It’s OK to love your country, your culture, where you came from. It’s OK to celebrate it, even if it’s European, African, Russian or yes, American.

The progressive culture wants you to forget these truths and buy into the multicultural narrative that it is desirable, even mandatory, to destroy your society in the name of open borders. You are a racist if you don’t.

Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t buy into it. He stands up for the interests of Russia in terms of geopolitical affairs. This is why the world respects him and laughs at the Obama administration and in turn, the United States of America (enter James Taylor, stage right, guitar in hand).

I’m not talking about the absence of good governance, corruption, or aggressive militarism and lack of respect for others who don’t agree with you, that exist in Russia. I’m not talking about stifling the political opposition. I’m not talking about making bad economic decisions, to the detriment of the Russian people, and enriching those in power. I fully realize all of these evils are alive and well in Russia. I understand Russia has turned into a totalitarian oligarchy.

What I am talking about is loving your country and putting it first when it comes to dealing with those who may threaten it. This I can respect. This is what Donald Trump was talking about when he said he respects Mr. Putin’s strength. He was talking about this aspect of Mr. Putin’s leadership and this aspect only.

Mr. Putin has said Russia will not commit national suicide in the name of multiculturalism, like Western Europe. That is not a racist statement. It is not stupid. It is intelligent. It is smart.

The United States has become the most wealthy, successful country in the world for a reason: Our heritage means something. It has worked better than anything else in human history when it comes to pulling millions out of poverty and inspiring greatness and prosperity. It is not broken and does not need to be fixed by some communist ideology.

What is racist, stupid, or intolerant? Not going to the funeral of the most consequential U.S. Supreme Court justice in recent history because he was conservative is intolerant and petty. Not going to the funeral of the wife of the most consequential president since World War II because she was conservative is intolerant and petty. Taking race relations to their lowest point in decades during your presidency is racist. Inviting representatives of Black Lives Matter to the White House, who have advocated killing white policemen, is racist. For the president of the United States to do the wave with communist killers while the blood is still dripping from Belgian terrorism victims is extremely disrespectful and telling of President Obama’s real values.

Saying you have a red line in Syria over chemical weapons and then doing nothing as bombs are dropped on civilians is stupid. Allowing Russia, Iran, and Syria to become the hegemon in the Middle East after thousands of American lives were lost and trillions of dollars were spent is stupid, the legitimacy of the Iraq War aside. Giving the largest state supporter of terrorism in the world $150 billion and allowing it to eventually acquire nuclear weapons to threaten the United States, our allies, and our way of life is stupid.

Mr. Obama actually said while on a trip to Latin America recently that there is no real difference between communism and capitalism. I beg to differ. The next U.S. president needs to trumpet the real American values and heritage. He needs to stand up for our country and our way of life around the world. He needs to say the words that America was exceptional and can be again if we get back to what really made us great.

Multiculturalism, as the left defines it, is dead. Political correctness is dead. Long live capitalism, love of country, and freedom.

This is what the 2016 election is about.

L. Todd Wood, a former U.S. military helicopter pilot and Wall Street debt trader, is a contributor to Fox Business, the National Review and many other publications. He can be reached through his website, LToddWood.com.

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