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(1) John Ashcroft: This is Not The Justice Department That I Knew

Ashcroft: “There’s been a pervasive perversion of the Justice Department process over and over again and recent reports like in The Wall Street Journal that suggest that, not only suggest, allege that the Justice Department has denied investigative tools to be used in investigations related to the Clinton Foundation and frankly, the absence of the use of tools that should have been used in the initial investigation of Hillary Clinton.”

…“This isn’t an October surprise in my judgment, this is the continuity of an issue which had been stonewalled, for which information had been requested which was not fully given and there was an erroneous statement earlier, much to the acclaim of the people who did the stonewalling, that the investigation was over.”

(2) James Robison: The Church, The Nation, Donald Trump and the Future of Freedom |The Stream

***A fascinating Q&A with Robison, a man who has given spiritual counsel to politicians for forty years.

…I got the invitation to meet with [Trump] one-on-one for what he said was the longest meeting of that type in his life. It was made possible because Ben Carson’s endorsement came with Mr. Trump’s commitment to such a meeting. From that time on, we have been in ongoing communication. I have never wavered; I have faithfully and in unconditional love presented the unadulterated Word of God as forcefully as I’m capable of. 

In 55 years of public ministry, meeting with people on all levels, I have never — I repeat never — been received by anyone with greater appreciation, humility and focused interest in all the principles of freedom and biblical truths I have shared. I would say that Mr. Trump heard because of the prayers of concerned Christians for everything they longed for him to hear face-to-face. I have faithfully sown good seed. Only time will clearly reveal the soil on which it was sown.

personally do not think Donald Trump will ever be the same man. I think he is so concerned about correcting what is wrong and sees an over-reaching, out-of-control government along with policies that hurt the people, he will stand against those problems as long as he lives.

Sadly, I think he may be more dedicated to correcting the problems than many Christians are. This means if he doesn’t understand freedom’s foundation, his attempts will not produce the necessary results. That is why the church, God’s family, must make a Kingdom impact on his life with the transforming power of gospel truth. There is no substitute for the witness of the church.  …

(3) Serious laughter: New and popular satire site The Babylon Bee tries to cut through superficiality to hard truths |by Emily Belz, World Magazine

***I enjoy keeping up with the Christian satire site, The Babylon Bee. Here’s a fantastic profile of the man who launched the site this year.

The satire site has quickly become The Onion for Christians.

Adam Ford—a former atheist, once an aspiring pastor, and now a father of three boys—launched The Babylon Bee in March, and already it has 145,000 fans on Facebook and 34,500 Twitter followers. After six months in existence, the website receives between 1 million and 2 million unique visitors every month. He won that large following on the strength of the content; Ford, 33, has no company or venture capital investors promoting or backing the site.

“It seems to have filled a void in the Christian internet,” Ford said.

And it’s mostly from his brain. At the beginning of this year Ford sat down for a few “blurry” weeks and put the site together, skipping sleep and drinking buckets of coffee. He asked a few other writers to contribute. The site launched with about 20 articles. The site’s name is modeled after a traditional newspaper, like The Sacramento Bee, but published from “Babylon.”

“Satire is a powerful, effective, and biblical tool for conveying ideas—and one that, much like webcomics, belongs almost exclusively to the anti-religious worldview,” Ford wrote on his webcomic site in announcing the Bee’s launch.


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