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(1) George Weigel: Those Catholic WikiLeaks |First Things

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this WikiLeaks business for the difficult future that awaits the Church in the United States, it has to do with the bishops becoming more assertive guardians of the “Catholic” brand. When “Catholics for Choice” takes out full-page newspaper ads asserting that “Public funding for abortion is a Catholic social justice value” (as happened during this election cycle), the local bishop should be at the forefront of the public challenge to such lies, making clear through the local press and social media that “Catholics for Choice” is not recognized as a legitimate Catholic organization by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops — and perhaps calling the newspaper’s editor or proprietor to inquire why the paper is accepting blatantly false advertising.

The local bishop is the trustee of the Church’s identity in the diocese entrusted to his care — just as he’s the guardian of the Catholic truths to be taught in his schools and the guarantor of the integrity of the sacraments administered under his authority. Given what’s coming in the near future, bishops had better prepare themselves now for being active defenders of the Church’s integrity in all these spheres of Catholic life.

(2) God’s Still ‘Holding’ onto ‘America’s Pastor’ Billy Graham |CBN

Evangelist Billy Graham celebrates his 98th birthday, Nov. 7, just one day before American voters elect a new president. 

… Earlier this year, Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham-Lotz, shared that her father is confined mostly to his bed and wheelchair but still has a clear mind. She also noted he is still “affectionate and loving.”

“I am not sure he is aware so much of the world’s situation but his appetite is good, his vital signs are good, and I know God is holding him for some reason,” Lotz said. “In fact, he prays in his preaching voice. He is still kicking. Maybe that will encourage you to be faithful through persevering in the ministry to which God has called you.”

(3) This Evangelical Woman Has a Powerful Message About Trump |Charisma News

***Any time I’ve talked to Tamara Scott, a friend from Iowa, she amazes me with her detailed knowledge of policy issues that have an immediate impact on the lives of people in her state. Taking care of business in her own backyard. Recently she said on the radio:

“Be encouraged; never be complacent. Get out and do what you can as a Christian in the civic arena to make a difference. We have one candidate who foments the war on Christianity, and Donald Trump says he will end it. One candidate who promotes death in the womb and one who says he’ll stop it. One who says nothing about constitutional justices—in fact she despises the decisions of the court—and he says he has a list approved by the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society.

“Our choices couldn’t be any clearer. Social issues are very important to me as many of you, but unless we have our national sovereignty and security, we will not be able to deal with any of them … and as Winston Churchill says, ‘Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!’”



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