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Chris Hughes, a Christian political activist and a new friend from North Carolina, sent me this reflection on Tuesday’s election of Karen Handel in Georgia’s 6th District. Or more importantly, Hughes writes about the $800,000 meddling into the election that Planned Parenthood orchestrated — to no effect, as its candidate lost.

When it Comes to Attempting to Influence Federal Campaigns, Russia Has Nothing on Planned Parenthood, by Chris Hughes

This week’s Congressional special election in Georgia ended with another blow to the left. As the dust settles, we learn that Planned Parenthood dumped over $800,000 into a single Congressional race in an effort to maintain the flow of your money, federal tax dollars, into the abortion mill’s coffers.

I am a political activist. I respect people who know what they believe and why they believe it, but I have a huge problem with a private company that is being funded with tax dollars setting up a political wing to divest over $820,000 in an attempt to sway an election.

There has been a lot of “talk” about Russia attempting to covertly influence elections. Where is the outrage over Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion mill in the history of the world, spending millions of dollars on elections in an effort to elect Congressmen who will continue to line a “Private Company’s” coffers with our tax dollars.

In case you have not heard, an election was held to fill a vacant Congressional seat in the Atlanta area on June 20th. The seat has been held by Republicans since an unknown college professor named Newt Gingrich won the seat in 1978, became vacant a few months ago when President Trump appointed the sitting Congressman, Tom Rice, to the Cabinet position of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The seat had been considered a safe Republican seat, but the Democrats saw the race as a referendum on President Trump. The Democrat candidate, Jon Ossoff, spent $30 million in an effort win the race to set the tone for his party in the upcoming the mid-term elections. 

With nearly $60 million spent in the election, it became the most expensive Congressional campaign in United States history. At the forefront of the donations to help Ossoff was over $820,000 donated by Planned Parenthood and its partners, making the federally funded Planned Parenthood the second largest influencer in Ossoff’s campaign.

Planned Parenthood had a personal ax to grind. The Republican nominee, Karen Handel, while serving as a Senior Vice President for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, recommended that the foundation severe ties with Planned Parenthood, stating that Planned Parenthood was not using nearly $700,000 in funds from the Foundation to perform mammograms and over concerns by certain Komen donors that their donations might indirectly fund abortions at Planned Parenthood. These are the same concerns of many taxpayers — their money is being used to indirectly fund abortions.

Recent campaign reports reveal that “Dark Money Groups”, organizations that fund money into political situations from non-profit groups which can accept donations of any size but do not have to reveal their donors, made up 1/5 of the outside spending in the Georgia Congressional race. 

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, “Dark Money Groups” have spent more than $690 million in federal races since 2008.

The second largest spender in the Georgia race was the Planned Parenthood Action Fund who spent more than $820,000.

A recent Heritage Foundation Report states that Planned Parenthood, a private company, had over $1.4 billion in net assets last year and federal and state governments still gave them over $528 million.

Local affiliates have to meet “abortion quotas” and they performed 327,653 abortions last year.

My question is, “why is a private company who received over $500 million in taxpayer funds over the last year, a company who has been investigated for over $8 million in possible fraud in at least nine states, a company that has opposed legislation that would protect infants born alive after failed abortions - allowed to spend money from unreported contributors in a Congressional race?”

The Center for Responsive Politics found that Planned Parenthood affiliated groups and individuals spent $679,708 on Congressional campaigns in 2014.
Planned Parenthood just spent more than their entire 2014 political budget on one race in Georgia.

I wonder how my liberal friends would feel if some conservative organization, that received federal funds, donated over $800,000 to influence campaigns in order to elect candidates who opposed same-sex marriage or opposed transgender rights.

It is time for Planned Parenthood to stop taking federal funds or get out of the business of influencing federal campaigns. If the Russians had spent over $800,000 to influence a race, we would never hear the end of it.


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