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The global-warming fad has become such a big financial success because writers get paid to scare the public with stories of doom. Reporters, “scientists,” Chinese wind-and-solar factories, politicians, etc., all make money and gain power from the false idea that Earth is burning up.

Yet here it is June 2017 and the temperature in Eugene, Oregon, is way below the norm for early summer. What’s more, we just suffered through the coldest winter I have experienced since I moved here in 1993. There is so much “global warming” going around, I am starting to freeze.

There has been no real global warming since 1998, but our politicians put pressure on NOAA, NASA, and the IPCC to come up with fictional science in order to press forward with their climate-change-scare agenda. Absolutely absurd “scientific” papers are routinely published blaming global warming for everything from low sperm counts to an increase in post-traumatic stress disorder caused by a rise in the number of weather- related disasters (which in fact have not occurred). The modern number of storms, floods and droughts worldwide is no higher than the historic average.

If trees could vote, they would vote for more carbon dioxide in the air because all plants ‘eat’ carbon dioxide and grow faster when given more nourishment. In turn, our crops grow faster and humans have more to eat.

Because carbon dioxide does not control Earth’s temperatures and never has (this is 100-percent proven by the ancient ice-core records) there is little downside to burning fossil fuels in a clean way that removes particulate pollution, which damages our health. For the real science, please watch “Climate Hysteria” on YouTube.


Eugene, Ore.

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