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Make sure to pick up the new release by Newt Gingrich.

Understanding Trumppublished by Center Street (Hachette Book Group), serves as one of the first books mostly written since President Trump’s inauguration. Further, it is one of the only books released by a major publisher that takes a positive view of the current occupant of the White House.

Given that Mr. Gingrich is both a historian with an earned doctorate and also a former Speaker of the House, he brings a unique perspective on any topic he chooses to write on. Combining historical awareness with public policy wonkishness, his prose sounds just like he talks — which is to say, both interesting and informative.

You may disagree with his politics, but Mr. Gingrich won’t bore you.

He writes:

I hope this book will help people better understand that we may be at a watershed moment for our country. Trump represents the third—and hopefully final—great effort to break away from a half century of big-government liberalism dating back to the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson. The first big push came in 1981 when President Ronald Reagan took office. The second was in 1994, when we signed the Contract with America.

The Left and much of the media are horrified, because the age-old power structures on which they rely are specifically the ones President Trump is seeking to demolish and rebuild. Some in the establishment are confused, because Trump’s campaign—and his first months in office—are totally opposite from business as usual in Washington.

His success calls into question their presumed expertise and collective worldview. But many Americans are happy. To them, President Trump represents a force of change in Washington—the likes of which we’ve rarely seen in American history.

Trump’s election is a tremendous opportunity to tear down the walls of big government, liberalism, and elitism and set the path for a bold new direction that is once again guided by the will of the people. His approach to politics and governing can be studied as a remarkable strategy for breaking out of the Left’s intransigent power structure.

At the center of this phenomenon is President Trump, and as he learns and continues to evolve, this phenomenon will change with him. This book is a step toward understanding President Trump and his vision for the country, so we can achieve real and substantive change to make America great again for all Americans.

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