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By Carmen LaBerge

Regnery Faith, $26, 222 pages

Carmen LaBerge, a personal friend for several years, is the host of the daily Christian talk-radio show “The Reconnect” (for readers in the Washington, D.C., area, the show airs from 3-4 PM on 780 WAVA). She is also the president of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, a 50-year-old ministry that has been a force of good for equipping Christians.

“Speak the Truth” is Carmen’s first book with Regnery Faith, an imprint of Regnery that has been putting out excellent titles each year and developing a strong and unique editorial voice. This book serves as a great example of what I mean.

First, LaBerge is a clear thinker, and the emphasis on “think” is important. Too often, titles are either inspirational or intellectual. LaBerge hits both of these notes — engaging the mind as the foundation for inspiring the heart and motivating the will. She teaches and prompts to action — and the combination is powerful.

Second, LaBerge builds her arguments with a theological framework and a deep knowledge of Scripture. The text has the aroma of eternity, Gospel grace, and truth. LaBerge wants Christians to be realistic and understand the true problems that we face in the world today—and in particular, the problems that the church in America needs to face. But she offers help and hope. 

Third, she knows how to write. Having solid ideas is the most important thing, but we all know how soporific or laborious some authors can be — even when talking about exciting things. You don’t get that here. She knows how to turn a phrase and please the ear.

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

In His sovereign desire that all the world should know the grace offered in Jesus Christ, God has set divine appointments for us to keep every day. When we miss them, the conversation carries on without God’s perspective being brought to bear, the secular humanist worldview goes unchallenged and an anti-Christ worldview is reinforced. It’s tie for Christians to get back into the conversation, not so we can give people a piece of our mind but so they might have the peace of the mind of Christ. It’s time to put God in His place, back where He belongs, in the middle of every conversation. To do that, God’s people have to get off the sidelines and into cultural conversations of the day.

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