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Quebec City, Canada — The authority, dominance and control of the leftist ruling class are under attack and that class is firing back with low-class munitions.

The election of Donald Trump has ripped off the left’s mask of tolerance and love to expose intolerance and hatred combined with arrogance at the highest levels and in so many areas of society. Unfortunately, science is apparently one of those areas.

In late June, beautiful Quebec City was host to the annual conference of a prestigious environmental organization, the Air & Waste Management Association. At this conference, I presented a paper on air dispersion forecasting and taught a course on air pollution meteorology and modeling. The conference keynote plenary session, attended by a few hundred professionals, featured a highly-regarded cardiologist who made presentation history. To my knowledge, his presentation was the first time the F-bomb was included on a scientific keynote PowerPoint slide. Of course, the incendiary device was thrown out to stress the “climate emergency” we’re in, so I suppose that means discretion and professionalism can become casualties.

Other leftist luminaries, like engineer Bill Nye, the “science guy,” have also found it necessary to resort to incivility of language to express their frustration. It seems the crude messaging indicates the left’s exasperation and desperation over the lack of progress in transferring power from fossil fuels to the brilliance of the ruling class and their retrogressive solar and wind energy engines.

Perhaps skeptics are helping to keep ineffective and harmful radical changes at bay. Skeptics, although few in number and resources, provide scientific perspective on climate change and appeal to common sense and basic human decency with a goal to lift people out of poverty while protecting the planet.
Alternatively, the exceptionally well-funded and organized climate change cartel apparently seeks to keep information about climate change incomplete.

One intimidation strategy for limiting information, although juvenile, is using a mocking tone like referring to challengers as “deniers” or “denialists” and to trivialize the skeptics’ arguments. The aim is to convince the general public that a climate catastrophe looms and supposedly those with received scientific “wisdom” are the only ones able to save the globe from imminent atmospheric atrocity.
Left-wing ideology has dominated the field of science. This skewed over-arching perspective established by the left-of-center academic echo chamber serves to protect the current social order. Conservative viewpoints are actively, sometimes violently, limited or even barred from college campuses.

Tragically, the result is not just academic. In the real world, more than 1 billion people are without dependable electricity, even though this electricity can be supplied by cost-effective, reliable, efficient, abundant and rather quickly-deployed fossil fuel and nuclear technology.

Yet, political elites have capitalized on the biased findings of leftist academics to assure power to the political class continues instead of consilience and comfort to their constituency.

In science, a discipline that benefits from tolerance of reasonable challenges to the status quo, it is intolerance encouraged by politicians that is presently in vogue. And, this intolerance is increasingly strident in its protection of the status quo. So, F-bomb assaults in defense of PC climate science may soon become the norm in professional as well as general society. Get ready challengers. As the saying goes: If you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.

• Anthony J. Sadar is a certified consulting meteorologist and author of “In Global Warming We Trust: Too Big to Fail” (Stairway Press, 2016).

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