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The promise of Big Tech was utopian, but the reality is dystopian (“Big Tech unites Democrats, Republicans behind anti-trust crackdown,” Web, June 4). The utopian promise was of a world of friends and ‘likes’ but the dystopian reality is a world of censorship, mind control, Big-Brother-controlled searches, the sale of private information and rule by outraged mobs.

The man who foresaw it all decades before Big Tech even existed is George Orwell. Orwell wrote “Animal Farm” in 1945 which anticipated identity politics and intersectionality theory with his most famous sentence: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

In his second book, “1984,” published in 1949, Orwell wrote of a dystopian world controlled by Big Brother where freedom of thought, freedome of access to information and freedom of association were prohibited.

Although Orwell was a few decades off and the prescient target of his ire today necessarily must be Big Corporation rather than Big Government, in 2019 let us unite to dismember Big Tech, identity politics and intersectionality theory, expose hypocrisy and regain our personal and social freedoms.

We have nothing to lose but the chains of political correctness.


Professor of psychology emeritus

Florida International University


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