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K.T. McFarland, conservative politico, pundit, analyst and a former national security figure in President Donald Trump’s administration, told a rapt radio audience just recently that Robert Mueller’s thuggish investigators treated her so poorly, so viciously and so unfairly — trying to get her to cop to crimes she didn’t commit and accuse others of crimes they didn’t commit, either — that she and her husband, minus hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, fled to Scotland to recover and reflect on the New America: the place where civil rights are routinely violated by entrenched, smug bureaucrats.

Her story is eye-opening and illustrative of the current problems with the country. America stands at a crossroads. Freedom — or not.

“[There are] a certain group of people who have gotten used to governing and they think it is their divine right,” McFarland told WMAL, as reported by The Tennessee Star.

And because they refuse to release the reins of control and bend to voter will, or even recognize the rights contained in the Constitution, like due process and limited government and the concept of representative government, America is in “a very dangerous place,” McFarland said.

She’s right.

But it’s not just McFarland’s story that makes that clear.

The “I am ze law” attitudes of Mueller’s thug forces as they intimidated and tried to turn Team Trumpers to tell prosecutable tales on the president — the Gestapo tactics of the FBI as agents conducted a made-for-CNN ridiculous predawn raid on the elderly Roger Stone and an equally overly dramatic bust on Paul Manafort’s condo — these are actions that should concern any freedom loving American, Democrat and Republican alike.

If we can’t trust our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, whom can we trust?

But more than that, America’s whole government is in turmoil. America’s entire culture is in a tailspin.

The Democrat Party’s biggest contribution to politics has been to slide right into open socialism. The left’s largest blooming base is a batch of youthful, energetic Sen. Bernie Sanders’ followers who cart messages of anti-capitalism, anti-free market, anti-individual freedom. The congressional mood from this same liberal side is to ratchet impeachment efforts against this president — despite one epic fail after another to find any impeachable offense.

The media is filled with Democrat mouthpieces who do the left’s bidding, facts be danged.

The schools are filled with propaganda pushers who take marching orders from far leftist union leaders.

The entertainment world is filled with rot and violence and glorification of all that’s dark.

The culture is filled with immoral behaviors that are packaged as sophistications of modern living.

Society is filled with liars, deceivers, destroyers of all that’s good — who unabashedly, unbelievably and outrageously deny their lies, deceptions and destructions and insist instead that all they do is good. And the blind believe them.

And the blind rejoice in the sufferings of those like McFarland.

“Most republics fail in the third century,” said nationally known, highly esteemed historian, biographer, writer and speaker Craig Shirley, in an email. “Greece, Rome — and I don’t think America is special enough to survive our third century.”

What a dismal reality.

What a gloomy, historically factual look into the fate of America.

America’s clock is ticking; our republic is in its final days. At least, those are the odds, based on what’s happened to other free societies — based on awareness of the crumbling of this great society, mostly from within.

But the beacon of light is this: Out of chaos can still come constitutional order.

“The only hope is Washington becomes so corrupt and dysfunctional, that states will reassert themselves in a new federalism, as the framers always intended,” Shirley said.

Even the most docile, soon enough, erupt at injustice.

As the Founders put it, in the Declaration of Independence, “mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable.” But when the “abuses and usurpations” pile — mankind has a “right” and “duty” to act.

And referring again to historical truths: Americans, when fed up, do act. Oh yes, we do.

A crucial test on the level of frustration of voters with dictatorial arrogant bureaucratic elitists in D.C. will come this November. America may not make it through the third century as a democratic-republic — but by gosh, the country can at least make it through another election cycle. And then maybe another, and another after that.

Maybe McFarland will be the final straw that drives patriotic Americans “to throw off such government” chains of oppression and “provide new guards” who put America, and America’s Constitution, first? Could be. Should be. It’d be nice. For the future of our children, for the honor of our founders, it sure would be nice. 

Americans, if enough of us want it, could put a sure stop to the prancing of the wolves at our door.

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