- - Monday, January 27, 2020

Dear Tom,

I’ve been watching your 2020 presidential campaign and it was all seemingly OK and relatively underwhelming until I saw your performance at the last Democratic debate. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for getting into the debate — that had to cost a lot of your own personal money — and I mean a lot, because who in their right mind would donate to you? I digress.

When I discuss your performance in the last debate, I don’t mean what you said during the debate — even though I watched, I can’t remember anything that you said that stood out from the other candidates — I mean your performance after the debate.

The highlight of the entire night was the standoff between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. She had claimed that he said no woman could win the presidency, and both she and CNN were running with that statement. 

The back and forth with Bernie, which was completely lopsided and biased to make her look like a victim to the American public — unfortunately for the network and her, Americans know all too well that she’s willing to lie about how she raised her kids, her employment history, and that pesky Native-American heritage thing to trust any brand new and timely-to-the-death-of-her-campaign claims about anything at this point.

Nevertheless, Bernie wasn’t happy, and Elizabeth Warren approached him after the debate in what seemed like a convenient set up with microphones recording to call him a liar — and right in the middle of it — there you were.

I’m not sure what you were thinking, but it was clear that they were in an argument, and you were standing around like a goof trying to shake their hands. Worse yet is that when you were recognized by Bernie, he blew you off. That was a bad look, Tom — but this seems to be your m.o., and I sincerely want better for you.

When President Trump was elected, you spent millions trying to impeach him. You made a website called www.NeedtoImpeach.com, and really tried your best to push the narrative that Democrats wanted to hear. You wanted their attention and no one gave it to you. Sure, you get phone calls and face time with people in the Democratic Party, but why? Congressional Democrats like Maxine Waters took all of your nonsense impeachment talking points to the floor and on the road with them to try to stop Mr. Trump — and did they ever give you credit? Did America ever hear your name when they were out there using your ideas? Of course they didn’t.

Now, you try to shake their hand at a debate and you get blown off — on national TV. A few days after the debate, I saw that Mr. Sanders was being friendly with you at a Martin Luther King Jr. event — suddenly, when he wasn’t in the spotlight, you were relevant again. Why do I bring this up? Because Democrats are being fake with you, Tom.

I’ve seen this before, the successful billionaire nerd who has no friends gets sucked up to by people who just want to use him for his money. Granted those billionaires didn’t pretend to hate the way they made their money like you do. Be real, if you were really upset about hurting the environment, you’d have donated all of your money to environmental organizations and denounced your lifestyle instead of simply donating a little and promising much more later, like a poser would — forgive me, I’m digressing again.

My point is that the Democrats only think you’re good to be around when you’re buying lunch or donating to campaigns, but when you aren’t cutting the checks — when you’re actually the candidate where are they? They’re shooting down your handshake on stage, Tom. 

Where has the Democratic Party been with you in the past? They’ve never promoted you. They don’t view you as a viable candidate. You’re only good to them for your money — and now they’re placating you until you drop out of the race so that you can once again give piles of your “environment-killing blood money,” or however you describe it when you’re acting woke and like you hate your success for the far-left, to their campaigns.

Don’t do it, Tom. Be the smart billionaire that you are. It’s time to leave the Democratic Party, the party that has only used you for your money. Don’t entertain being their candidate. Run as an independent, and take your friends with you. Invest your money in your own political success and be what Ross Perot was in the 1992 election: Teach Democrats that they don’t deserve you and that they needed you as their candidate. It’s time they learned.



• Tim Young is a political comedian and author of “I Hate Democrats/I Hate Republicans” (Post Hill Press).

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