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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has made a bodacious name for himself on several fronts. The California lawmaker has now set an all-time annual fundraising record for any Republican, eclipsing a record set by former House Speaker Paul D. Ryan. Mr. McCarthy raised $52.35 million in 2019, some $8 million more than the $44 million that Mr. Ryan raised in 2017, the debut year of the Trump administration.

The GOP minority leader is also deft in describing the political landscape.

“House Democrats are the greatest threat to the greatest economy in our lifetime. The American people don’t want socialism. They want success, and a House Republican majority in 2021 with a reelected Trump presidency will be ready to achieve it. We are united and prepared to win at the ballot box nationwide,” says Mr. McCarthy.

He’s also got optimism working for him, even as the press reports that Democratic House and Senate hopefuls are raising lots of campaign cash at the moment. Mr. McCarthy reportedly warned Republicans this week that they would, uh, get their behinds kicked if fundraising foundered. He is also adamant, however, that the GOP will prevail.

“We are united and prepared to win at the ballot box nationwide — with a compelling message and the most prolific recruiting class since 2010. These factors, along with President Trump‘s ability to ignite Republican turnout lead me to believe we are on the cusp of delivering another Republican revolution,” the GOP leader says.

President Trump, of course, has noticed Mr. McCarthy’s old school vim and vigor — and vouches for his role as a future speaker, and as an apt replacement for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“We need to win back the House to retire Nancy once and for all, and to elect Kevin McCarthy as speaker,” Mr. Trump told Breitbart News. “Kevin is tough, loyal and smart. He has what it takes,” Mr. Trump said.

“We will be hearing from Speaker McCarthy in 2021,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted, also to Breitbart.


President Trump continues to set a relentlessly productive example, one that rocks the very slow-moving tradition that is a hallmark of Washington politics. Someone close to the president offers an apt summation.

“Every day President Trump is making this country better. He’s brought a businessman’s approach to Washington. He’s a pragmatist. He’s getting things done. The people in Washington may not like it that he’s making them do work. He’s making things happen that people have spoken about for many years before but could not deliver on,” presidential son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner tells Fox News.

“The whole impeachment charade that’s been going on for a couple of months is just a big distraction. The country’s doing great. We’re focused on doing the work for the American people. I find that people leave, they write books about what a hero they were, how they knew better,” he continues.

“But the reality is that the president’s the one who’s been running this White House, running this government and getting things done. And all the people who are doing the real work, they’re not writing books because they’re too busy working,” Mr. Kushner noted.


The Democratic Party touts its appeal to women. Now they have some authentic competition, this time from the Republican Party. Unprecedented numbers of GOP women are running for office: 200 have filed for 2020, shattering all previous records, according to National Republican Congressional Committee communications director Chris Pack.

In addition, 164 minorities and 214 veterans also have filed to run as Republicans in 2020 House races so far — and those numbers are expected to rise.

“These candidates see the extreme socialist agenda of the Democrat Party and are stepping up to the plate to do something about it,” Mr. Pack told the Daily Caller News Foundation.


It is a “historic milestone,” the network says. Fox News officially has remained the No. 1 cable news channel in the nation for 18 consecutive years, besting rivals MSNBC and CNN nonstop, according to Nielsen Media Research. The network took the lead in January 2002 and has remained there since. Prime-time audience numbers rose by 33% at Fox News in the past year; they were down by 13% at MSNBC and 2% at CNN, according to Nielsen.

“For 18 years, more viewers have turned to Fox News Channel for its unrivaled news and opinion coverage than any other cable news network and we are proud of our strong team both on and off the air as we offer our audience the most dynamic programming in the country,” said Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and Fox News Media president and executive editor Jay Wallace in a statement.

The network has also trumped its non-news rivals for the 43rd month in a row, winning larger audiences both day and night than ESPN, Hallmark and HGTV.

In the meantime, 2019 was a very good year for Fox News online. The network enjoyed a record 19.5 billion visits to its website last year — making Fox News the most visited news organization in the world, according to industry numbers from Comscore Media Matrix.

“There is no other network in cable that can lay claim to this level of consistent dominance with one of the most loyal and passionate audiences in the country,” Ms. Scott and Mr. Wallace said in a company-wide message, noting that all employees nationwide will be treated to a celebratory meal in February.


• 99% of likely Iowa Democratic voters say they plan to “definitely” or “probably” will participate in the upcoming Iowa caucuses.

• 24% of this group would vote for Sen. Bernard Sanders if the caucus was held “today.”

• 19% would choose Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 17% former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 15% former Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

• 11% would choose Sen. Amy Klobuchar, 5% Andrew Yang, 4% Tom Steyer.

• 2% would choose Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, 1% former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and 1% John Delaney.

Source: AN Iowa State University/CIVICS poll of 655 likely Iowa Democratic Caucus attendees conducted January 23-27.

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