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If American patriots are serious about reeling back socialism and bring back individual freedoms, then just as seriously, it’s incumbent on the Christian community to get involved. And if patriotic Christians are serious about getting involved, then just as seriously, it’s time for those of the faith to get bolder in their involvement.

Patriotic Christians need to learn the power of the phrase “Bite me” — and then, apply it accordingly. Repeat as needed. Our Judeo-Christian-based liberties are at stake. And who knows best how to fight for God-given rights than those trained in the ways and words of God?

“Bite me.” It’s a phrase with power.

Here’s how it works: When President Joe Biden calls for Congress to pave a legal path to take guns from law-abiding citizens, patriotic Christians need to say, collectively, “Bite me, Joe.” Or, as the more polite version, “Bite me, President Biden.” 

When Biden’s pick for secretary of the Department of Education, Miguel Cardona, says he supports the expansion of ridiculous school policies that allow boys pretending to be girls to participate in girls’ athletic competitions, thereby stripping the real girls of their wins and scholarship opportunities — patriotic Christians need to say, collectively, “Bite me, Miguel.”

When globalist-minded medical bureaucrats and Microsoft-slash-self-described-philanthropists like, respectively, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are given wide latitude to counsel and influence the president of the United States, members of Congress, officials with the World Health Organization and United Nations, and other leaders both foreign and domestic, and convince them into shutting down economies, schools, churches and individual freedoms, all in the name of a virus — patriotic Christians need to say, “Bite me, Fauci.” Or, “Bite me, Bill Gates.” Or, the short-cut version, “Bite me, globalists.”

And then patriotic Christians need to buy more guns, run for local school board seats, apply for jobs as teachers and administrators in public schools and, in the vein of civil disobedience, open their businesses, open their churches, throw away their face masks, eat in as many restaurants in their communities as possible, call for the halt of tax-paid pay for all public service employees whose offices remain closed, and demand an end to any states, localities and jurisdictions that still have in effect declarations of health emergencies that have been used to justify these months upon months of unconstitutional shutdowns, clampdowns and restrictions on individual freedoms. As a start.

“Bite me.”

It’s a phrase that’s too underused by those who need to use it most: the persecuted patriots and Christians of the country.

Just as “America First” was Donald Trump’s marching orders for the presidency he imagined and the leadership he gave, “Bite me” ought be the rallying cry for the frustrated and fed-up of the citizenry — the ones who see Republicans and Democrats join too often in policy, too often behind closed doors, too often in benefit of elite global interests at the expense of sovereign citizen rights. God-given rights.

God-given rights, not government-granted. That’s the root of American exceptionalism, right there: rights for the individual, coming from the Creator, and government only there to preserve those individual rights already inherent at birth.

For those who say otherwise, for those who act otherwise, the response is simple: “Bite me.”

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