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The left will get its pound of flesh. 

If anything characterizes how Democrats and their cohorts in the left-leaning media work, it’s that phrase — and it’s that phrase’s meaning that’s being played out with the current impeachment push against President Donald Trump.

Don’t tick off the Democrats.

Because if you do, all hail the fury — the demonic forces of the left will unleash and continue to unleash, until the required pound, nay pounds, of bloody flesh are stripped and burned on the altar of revenge.

A significant part of Trump’s legacy is this: He successfully outed the cockroaches of deep state, China-loving, America-hating, globalist-serving, self-serving elitists from their dark corners. James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. Eric Swalwell and Maxine Waters. Republicans In Names Only. Jeb Bush, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney. More, many more. Trump has fought them all.

More importantly, Trump has dragged them from their dark shadowy corners to fight them all, and in so doing, given regular Americans a flash of light on the inner workers of political evils. And that’s a sin the evil-workers can neither forgive nor forget — nor let go unpunished. Leftists, they do love their darkness.

“The way of the wicked is like deep darkness,” Proverbs tells us.

“But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible,” Ephesians tells us.

Like Trump or hate Trump — support Trump or resist Trump — the fact is, over the course of four years, over the span of his entire presidency, he’s shed light in the darkness and helped expose the hidden.

And now we come to Impeachment Two. A circus show aimed at halting Trump from ever running for office again, from ever even having any influence in politics again. An utter political charade that doesn’t have a smidgen of impeachable offense attached to it — but hey, neither did the first. Why mess with tried and tested?

Unlike the first, though, this impeachment comes at a critical juncture in American history: the transfer of White House power from one chief to the next. The world is watching. The nation is watching. Foreign leaders, domestic leaders, foreign and domestic citizens all — they’re all watching. And to take up impeachment arms in a president’s final days in office, not because of any crime that’s been committed but rather as a weapon to stamp out any sign of lingering influence or power from a deemed political enemy — it’s uncalled-for, petty, radically vengeful and frankly, harmful to America.

It sets American citizens on edge. More than that, it sets the world’s governments on edge. An America that appears chaotic is an America that appears weak and vulnerable — and an America that’s weak and vulnerable leaves open the door for some other country to assume leadership on the world stage.

It’s likely too much to expect Democrats in Congress and Trump haters in the Republican Party, namely, 10 of ‘em, to let bygones be bygones, and leave the impeachment absurdity in the dust.

Nancy Pelosi has scores to settle.

Comey has a new book to sell.

But America has already been down the trail of a drummed-up impeachment once against this president. For the sake of creativity — if nothing else, for the sake of creativity! — it’d be nice if the left could come up with a new way of attack.

In the meanwhile, Trump supporters can be grateful for this: the names of 10 Republicans who are begging for new careers.

Even in his final days, Trump is still outing the cockroaches. 

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