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All you “let’s just listen to the government so we can get back to normal” types out there — all you “let’s take the shot so we can get our lives back” hopefuls out there — all you “just freaking wear the masks!” shame screamers out there — listen up: World health wonks are already paving the way to the next pandemic.

They call it a warning.

And it is. A warning of the next lockdown to come.

This is what happens when government is granted the ability to steal freedoms from the individual: they grow emboldened to steal more.

The World Health Organization, in much the way the medical bureaucrats have spent 2020 shaking fingers and wagging heads in woeful reproach of the way all we humans in America have damnably resisted orders in the name of preserving God-given freedoms — in much this way, these same bad medical actors are now hinting of more of the same for 2021.

Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, said in a press briefing that COVID-19 was devastating, but not “necessarily the big one.”

He went on: “The planet is fragile. We live in an increasingly complex global society. These threats will continue.”

Wait for it, wait for it. Those words in the hands of the ratings-lusty news industry, are pure gold. Nothing says “don’t touch that dial” like an ever-climaxing story of fear, yes?

In fact, the media’s already swarmed.

Gizmodo wrote, of Ryan’s warning: “It wouldn’t take much for the next pandemic germ to be more destructive than covid-19, though. The next pandemic could be 10 times deadlier and still only have a fatality rate in the single digits, while remaining as easily transmissible.”

And the one after that — 20 times deadlier. Or 400. Who knows? That’s the beauty of predicting pandemics; they can be as dangerous, or not, and transmissible, or not, or fatal, or not, as the medical pinheads and media, err, science say.

Let’s run the government by fear. For infinity. Anthony Fauci for president!

“Vaccination no guarantee of virus eradication: WHO officials,” ran one comforting UN News headline amid the rollout of the vaccine in America, as Americans were being assured of both safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

Just as Bill Clinton squirmed the definition of “is,” so, too seems to go the definition of “efficacy.” It worked for Humpty Dumpty; “When I use a word,” he told Alice in Wonderland, “it means just what I choose it to mean.” Why not for modern medicine men and women? This is the fallacy of putting blind trust in those who aren’t blindly trustworthy.

“WHO warns Covid-19 pandemic is ‘not necessarily the big one,’” The Guardian raced to report.

“W.H.O. Official Says Covid Pandemic Is ‘Not Necessarily the Big One,’” The New York Times rushed to repeat.

See where this is headed? See where this could very well be headed? Come on, cooler heads. It’s time to rise up and rebel.

Americans don’t need to be told in breathless angst that COVID-19 is not necessarily the be-all and end-all of viruses and medical threats. Smart Americans already know that. Sane Americans know life is filled with risks and dangers and threats and potential life-endangering pitfalls and perils. Sensible Americans know that every day is a blessing — and that every day of driving the highway without being killed is a blessing — and that every evening of returning home to families and kissing kids on the heads and tucking them into bed is a blessing.

Smart, sane, sensible Americans know there are no guarantees; that life doesn’t come with a warranty — that in life, people get sick, and that some people who get sick die, while others who get sick recover. Medical experts can’t always explain why some die while others recover — but guess what, it’s not up to the medical experts to determine who dies, who recovers. That’s God’s domain. 

Some like to act as if God doesn’t exist. Some, particularly within the world of pandemics and pandemic predictions, like to act as they’re god-like.

“Bill Gates predicts when the next pandemic will arrive,” AS.com wrote in November.

“Bill Gates Predicts When the Pandemic Will End,” Entrepreneur wrote in December.

Bully for Bill Gates. But let’s not let fear and fear-mongering run 2021 like 2020. Let’s keep the fear mongers in their place. And their place isn’t in political leadership.

Warnings are fine. Predictions are good. But in the end, it’s the American people, guided by a Constitution that guarantees a limited government and armed with an awareness that in this country, individual rights come from God — in the end, it’s these people possessed with these core principles who should determine the country’s direction and fate. They choose freedom. We choose freedom.

America cannot, must not, let fear and those who profit from fear be the driving force of government, education, the economy and society in 2021. Americans cannot, must not, cede rights for a fake promise of protection from those who hold no power to protect.

Freedom and common sense must not become casualties of whatever viruses are to come.

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