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There comes a time when things get so bad that even those without faith, even those who don’t normally pray, even those who don’t consider themselves believers in a higher power — when things go so far south that even these secular types turn to God and ask for help.

Look for an atheist in a foxhole and you’ll find few.

It’s in these desperate conditions America now stands.

America is lost without God, and only God can now save America. Our country is in peril; our nation is at a major crossroads. This week’s elections will tip political and societal scales one way or the other, perhaps forever more. Capitalism? Socialism? Freedom? Collectivism?

Evangelist Franklin Graham, in a social media post, put it this way: “If those claiming the name progressive are allowed to have their way, we won’t even recognize this nation in a very short time.”

He doesn’t overstate.

Graham made the comments in context of responding to the Democratic leadership’s new plan to abolish use of male versus female terms in the newly seated Congress. Specifically, the proposed rule is being billed as a way to “honor all gender identities by changing pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral.” Nonsense. 

The proposed rule is a rail against God. It’s a bucking of godly teaching.

All the radical leftists in the country are railing against God’s rule, God’s truth, God’s commandments, God’s domain, God’s establishment of rule and law and order — all the time. That’s the left’s way; that’s the left’s ultimate target. God must go, so government can become the god. That’s the end game.

Examples abound. Chaos, confusion, more chaos and confusion; these are simply tools toward the end game.

The 117th Congress just opened with a prayer to the Hindu’s Brahma, and an “amen and a-woman” — as uttered by a Democrat who’s a United Methodist pastor, no less.

The election results are on rocky soil, the question marks flinging around like darts, the court systems refusing to even hear the very curious curiosities and legal challenges from Team Donald Trump. If there’s nothing to see, why not allow the people to see?

The leftist-run media are swinging into high Joe Biden-defense gear. The “America First” foreign and economic policies are slipping into obscurity — and the ones cheering loudest are the ones openly hostile to America, Americans’ interests and the American way of life. The United Nations, the World Health Organization and other partners in the small circle of global governing elites are rubbing hands in glee. No more “Make America Great Again” talk, no more President Donald Trump MAGA walk. No more individual freedoms first, Big Government collectivism second.

The coronavirus, with all its bogus numbers, with all its unconstitutional government crackdowns, beckons madly for more masking, more closures, more complete and utterly nonsensical shutdowns of basic human activities.

The radicals in the streets masquerading as peaceful protesters are still there; the radicals in Congress who love socialism and collectivism and hate capitalism and individualism are still there; the radicals around the nation who want nothing less that complete shredding of the Constitution and all the Constitution represents are still there.

The enemies of freedom are too many to count. So it seems.

But this is where God’s glory can shine brightest.

Founding Fathers warned that a nation devoid of proper moral compass would not long last as a democratic-republic. Founding Fathers cautioned that a country without virtuous citizenry would lead to a body of politicians without virtue, and the chaos that came would ultimately cripple the concept of limited government.

In the confusion about where to fight, in this chaotic swirl of all the battles to face, the spot of clarity is this: Fight for God.

The rest will then take care of itself.

Or more to the point: God will then take care of the rest.

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