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TAMPA — Sen. Ted Cruz, speaking at a Turning Point USA event in Florida, first poked fun of the feckless White House administration leaders, then expressed dismay at the fecklessness of this White House administration, then said that in a way, the utter fecklessness was good because it was driving the nation toward a massive revival in spirit and conservatives.

From the ashes, as they say, springs new life.

A country that’s founded on Judeo-Christian principles, made great by the concept of individual rights coming from a heavenly creator, cannot long last without keeping God at the forefront of society. God-given only works so long as there’s God.

Socialists know this; communists and Marxists know this. That’s why the socialists and communists and Marxists who’ve corrupted the Democrat Party have been trying so hard and for so long to remove God from the public schools, from the public service sector, from all-things-public: so long as the people turn to God and not government, then they cannot grow government to the level of all-encompassing that they desire.

Cruz, before a crowd of thousands, said as much.

“Revival is coming,” he said. “Every time this administration does something [awful], or every time they put [Vice President Kamala] Harris in front of cameras … they are driving Americans to say socialism doesn’t work.”

It’s the flip side of the Biden Effect. As low as Biden drags the country, as high as Biden brings inflation, as low as Biden brings Americans’ morale, all the more high the nation will bounce back.

That time is almost here.

“It’s gotten so bad [in America], AOC can’t even afford handcuffs,” Cruz joked, in reference to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s staged arrest stunt.

Other Cruz-isms?

There was that time, Cruz said, a college-age student introduced herself by using every pronoun known to mankind — to which Cruz said he replied, “Hi. I’m Ted Cruz and my pronoun is kiss my ass.”

There was that top-of-the-list action he said he was going to be taking over the next few months, summarized this way: “I’m going to be standing up and fighting every dumbass thing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do.”

There was that joke about leftists he told that went like this: “How many radical leftists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Nobody knows. That would require work.” 


But then there was this: “Be happy, joyful warriors,” he said, “because freedom sells.”

And that’s really the gist of it all: In America, it’s the spirit of individualism that glows the brightest, that inspires the masses, that touches the hearts and ignites the passions of the people. Collectivism is a cancer — a dull, depressing blackness on the soul —  and that’s what the Democrats sell.

What’s even more motivating is the meeting of generations on this very idea: Cruz is in his 50s; most of the TPUSA attendees were college age.

American Exceptionalism and the quest for God-given liberties is not dead.

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