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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis detailed to a Fox News audience how he’s been targeted for attacks in recent times by the former president, Donald Trump; by the hopeful president, Nikki Haley; and by the perhaps-running-for-president, the former Maryland governor, Larry Hogan — and that’s all before he’s even officially announced his own run for the White House in 2024.

Politics is a dirty business, and it’s not for the tame of heart.

But Republicans running for the presidency in 2024 need to remember: Fellow GOPers aren’t the enemy. Globalists are. China is. Democrats are. But Republicans — even Republicans running for the same office, in the same race, at the same time?

They’re competitors.

They’re competitors for a race but on the same side of the war.

America’s future is in peril. The Barack Obama days of pen and cellphone governance that slapped the Constitution in the fanny and ushered in an era of “I am zee law” hubris in politicians turned briefly to a time of America First, Donald Trump-led exceptionalism. But now it’s Obama Three; it’s Joe Biden the puppet with Team Obama the puppet-masters; and all the world is watching as this feckless present president sells America down the river for his family’s Chinese influences.

The Great Reset vision of the globalist Klaus Schwab & Company is being implemented faster than anyone can say “Sayonara, America.” And yes, the Kentucky revival of religious fervency is a show of optimistic pushback against the Marxists who’ve made great gains in marching America down a path of collectivism in recent COVID-19 times — but it’s not a given the Christian reawakening will spread nationwide, never mind stay nationwide.

It’s not a given that Americans will suddenly wake up and seize back their God-given rights — their constitutionally protected liberties — their individualism over group-think.

So while the church is regrouping and reconnecting and realigning with its true mission, to spread the gospel — which is to say, to spread a message of God first, not government — campaigning Republicans for the high White House office need to realize: Democrats love a good GOP catfight because it opens the door for Democrats to appear as if they’re the sane ones in the room. And they’re not; they’re the party of transgender lunacy and abortion-happy advocacy. They’re the party where the low-info, no-info, screaming-in-the-streets George Soros-hired thugs go to be heard. They’re the party where teachers who identify by pronouns of “xi” or “zi” or “xi-zi” — and who tell their students to do the same — go for shelter from the angry parent storm.

Let’s be real.

Democrats are the nut jobs.

Republicans are the ones who fight the nut jobs.

As such, Republicans need to keep that war in mind and shy from vicious attacks against each other in the coming 2024 White House race.

After four years of Biden, it’ll take a strong conservative hand to guide this ship called America back to smooth waters. It’ll take a strong hand — and a crew of strong conservative oarsmen. There won’t be time to lick political wounds and heal political fractions and bridge political divides.

As Ronald Reagan famously declared — the Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”

With globalism and Great Resetters pressing a China communism around the globe and into America’s political and educational and economic systems, now seems a good time for Republicans to put those words into effect. 

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