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Leftists, the deranged and Democrats — not to be redundant — have all decided to sell child-murdering, slayer of six Audrey Hale as a victim of transgender hate, a victim of Christian parents, a victim of all the intolerant who wouldn’t recognize her as a man. And these same deranged leftists now want it believed that continuing to call Hale a woman, even though she dressed as a man and wanted to be identified as a man, is actively encouraging other transgender people to commit similar acts of murderous violence. Seriously.

These LGBTQ activists and their fawning enablers are deranged. Their mental illness, post-Hale, is on full display. And it’s more important than ever to call out the mental illness — the mental depravity — the utter evil — for what it is and not allow the sick in society to usurp the narrative.

The Trans Resistance Network responded to Hale’s murder of three 9-year-olds and three adults at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, with this: “The second and more complex tragedy is that Aiden or Audrey Hale, who felt [she] had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others, and by consequence, [herself].”

Hale is a victim — just like the true victims of her mass shooting?

This is dangerous territory to tread.

If Hale, who willingly walked into the private school with full intent — full, plotted, planned, strategized intent — to slaughter innocents — if she’s given a free pass because her mental psychosis is turned into a victim status, then criminals of all walks will have the same get-out-of-jail-free card to play.

Thieves will be victims.

Drunken drivers who mow down pedestrians will be victims.

Pedophiles will be victims.

All will quickly learn that the key to freedom from prosecution and societal persecution will be to lay claim to some sort of LGBTQ title.

The TRN will take over and do the rest.

“[We] do not claim to know the individual [Hale] or have access to their inner thoughts and feelings,” TRN continued in its statement. “[But we] do know that life for transgender people is very difficult, and made more difficult in the preceding months by a virtual avalanche of anti-trans legislation and public callouts by Right Wing personalities and political figures for nothing less than the genocidal eradication of trans people from society.”

Truth-telling is not the same as discrimination. Nor is it the same as an attack.

Truth-telling, in fact, is compassionate and evidence of concern — evidence even of love of others.

“Many transgender people deal with anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide and PTSD from the near-constant drum beat of anti-trans hate, lack of acceptance from family members and certain religious institutions, denial of our existence and calls for de-transition and forced conversion,” TRN went on.

It’s true, the transgender community — the LGBTQ community at-large — seems to be plagued with higher incidences of depression, thoughts of suicide and other mental issues. 

But it’s not true the cause of these mental issues comes from “Right Wing personalities” and others who refuse to play along with the lies of transgenderism and call a woman a man simply because she wants to identify as a man. The depression and suicidal thoughts and the rest are accompanying signs of the mental disorder that goes along with believing an individual can change sex at will.

The depression and the rest come as a consequence of pretending gender dysphoria is not an abnormality.

The fact is bucking God’s will and rebelling against what God ordains — His creation of male and female — is to walk a path of danger, destruction and peril, and with that walk comes depression, suicidal thoughts, emotional instability and the like.

Hale, a woman who pretended she was a man, didn’t murder six because some people in society refused to go along with the lie she chose to live.

Hale murdered six because she was evil.

To say that is not hateful.

“Hate has consequences,” TRN wrote.

And Hale is neither victim nor martyr.

“Is is a testament to the inner strength and beauty of transgender people that despite the overwhelming odds of homelessness, job discrimination and constant anti-trans bigotry and violence, so many of us continue to persevere, survive and even thrive. We will not be eradicated or erased,” TRN wrote.

Truth-tellers certainly have their work cut out for them. 

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