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The Washington Times Front Page podcast debuts Thursday. The new audio feature summarizes the daily blockbusters, investigations and hard news produced each day by "Wash Times" journalists. (Shutterstock)

Now hear this: Washington Times podcast makes its debut

- The Washington Times

A pivotal event of note for Thursday, which marks the debut of The Washington Times Front Page podcast. The new audio feature summarizes the daily blockbusters, investigations and hard news produced each day by "Wash Times" journalists, who are vigilant 24/7 and downright relentless.

The New York Times is now under scrutiny by multiple news organizations for its "botched" report about Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, which accused him of sexual misconduct. (Associated Press)

Hot seat: Press scrutinizes The New York Times

- The Washington Times

It is unusual when a major news organization becomes the subject of major news, but that is what happened to The New York Times in the wake of an essay published Sunday which was intended to reflect "the culture at Yale when Brett M. Kavanaugh, who now sits on the Supreme Court, was an undergraduate in the 1980s," the Times said. It also accused him of another sexual assault.

The Nation and the Columbia Journalism Review have banded together to found "Covering Climate Now." (Associated Press)

250 news organizations sign on to promote 'climate crisis'

- The Washington Times

Those who believe the world is in imminent peril due to climate change say the news media is failing to report on this belief, and those alarmists are pushing back. The Nation and Columbia Journalism Review have banded together to found "Covering Climate Now," a new project supported by some 250 news organizations who vow to "strengthen the media's focus on the climate crisis" and produce a week's worth of stories to underscore that view.

President Trump heads for Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Monday, to be greeted by protesters, along with those who hope the Republican Party can flip the state to their side. (New Mexico Republican Party)

'Possible unrest': Trump's complex visit to New Mexico

- The Washington Times

President Trump on Monday heads to the Land of Enchantment - specifically, that would be Albuquerque, New Mexico - for yet another jumbo campaign rally percolating with keep-America-great feelings and much optimism. There is another directive at work though, and that is the conviction that Mr. Trump can flip New Mexico to the Republican way of thinking - a tall order, given that Mr. Trump's previous campaign visit to the host city sparked a near riot.

Democrats and media hoping to impeach President Trump are overlooking public opinion. Polls confirm voters are not interested. (Associated Press)

Democrats have a Trump impeachment addiction

- The Washington Times

The liberal media, of course, is complicit in this impeachment fixation and fantasy, offering nonstop news coverage, deftly packaged to make impeachment appear to be a done deal. Simply deploy the notorious "I-word" - and voila. Journalists believe they can suggest Mr. Trump will leave office amid mysterious "proceedings" and strategically manipulated press narratives. Or something.

Part of a "liberal sandwich"? Sen. Bernard Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren share a moment at a Democratic presidential debate in Detroit. (Associated Press)

The Democratic debate: A 'liberal sandwich with a moderate filling'

- The Washington Times

Democratic primary debate No. 3 is upon us, airing Thursday on ABC News — complete with a pivotal "podium order" for the 10 hopefuls who may or may not be ready for prime time. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have the coveted center-stage positions, flanked by Sens. Bernard Sanders and Kamala D. Harris on either side.

The media has been fixated on President Trump since his campaign days, and have offered far less coverage to his Democratic opponents. (Associated Press)

Whoops: Media's Trump fixation hurts Democrats

- The Washington Times

Broadcast news has supplied non-stop negative coverage of President Trump since his campaign days. The coverage has been, on average, 90% negative according to a series of studies by the Media Research Center. There's some unexpected collateral damage, though.

Climate crisis and the 'Little Ice Age'

- The Washington Times

Democratic presidential hopefuls continue to make the "climate crisis" the alarmist centerpiece of their campaigns, vowing to spend trillions to remedy cow flatulence and rising seas, among other things. Trouble is, things are not quite so catastrophic.

Veteran Hollywood scriptwriter and PJ Media co-founder Roger L. Simon is now urging conservatives to build their own Hollywood. (Associated Press)

Conservatives: Build your own Hollywood

- The Washington Times

So are they actors, activists, anarchists? It doesn't much matter at this point. Plenty of West Coast famous folks have dropped F-bombs and spoken out against President Trump, his administration and Republican voters in recent days.

Fans cheer as President Trump arrives at a rally in New Hampshire. The GOP has a chance to reshape the political landscape in 2020. (Associated Press)

New GOP opportunity: Retool presidential politics

- The Washington Times

An emerging new narrative cautions the Democratic Party that they must win back the "working class" who fled to President Trump and his vow to make America great again. Yes, this is obvious advice for the Democratic hopefuls, now careening down the campaign trail with much bluster.

A University of Southern California political expert suggests that Valium may become popular if President Trump is reelected next year. (Associated Press)

2020, Democrats and the Valium factor

- The Washington Times

Are Democrats resigned to a Trump victory in 2020? Oh, but it's complicated, says a new University of Southern California, Los Angeles survey. Amazingly enough, 54% of all voters now say President Trump is going to win the White House race once again — that includes 40% of Democrats, 47% of independents and 74% of Republicans.

Judge Jeanine Pirro has a new book out which accuses the left of plotting to undermine and then change traditional America. (Center Street Books)

New book: Judge Jeanine Pirro blasts left's 'plot to remake America'

- The Washington Times

Fox News prime-time host Judge Jeanine Pirro has a bodacious book arriving Monday titled, "Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge: The Left's Plot to Remake America." It will likely do just as well as her previous book, the best-selling "Liars, Leakers and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy."

Multiple polls reveal that the majority of voters reject the idea of impeaching President Trump, seen here at an AMVETS gathering. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

It's over: Voters reject Trump impeachment

- The Washington Times

Impeaching President Trump: It is the favorite dream of many Democrats, particularly House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, who is already making plans for a formal inquiry into the matter.

The Women for Trump organization will stage an "Empower" rally to fire up support for President Trump and down-ballot Republicans. (Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.)

Women for Trump stage an 'Empower' rally

- The Washington Times

An event of note for anyone who might question feminine loyalty to President Trump and his administration. With the blessings of Mr. Trump's campaign, the very active Women for Trump organization will host "An Evening to Empower," described as a campaign coalition event centered on the 99th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Democrats' fixation on a recession and the Trump administration will backfire, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said. (Associated Press)

Democrats sharpen their recession obsession

- The Washington Times

Oh, beware the "R" word. Right on cue, "recession" is being bandied about by the news media and the Democratic Party ad nauseam, leading the next predictable push against President Trump and his administration. The threat of a "recession" is the new narrative meant to upset voters and undermine the president.

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders eats a corn dog with his wife, Jane, (left) at Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Pork chops and corn dogs: The Democrats face a trial by fryer

- The Washington Times

The deep-fried Oreos, the funnel cakes, the pork chops on a stick: The news media covers what presidential hopefuls eat on the campaign trail as much as their policy statements. Maybe more. It is a very telling moment when a candidate addresses a corn dog live on camera; to emerge unscathed is definitely part of the contemporary political skill set.